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Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, May 21, 2002.

  1. you know what a search warrent is right ! well what we all pray well never happen came knocken ! my fucking narc ass step son tryed to set me up and failed ! as he did not know if i was the only one he with my servent bad toad that i am mently disabled and with out my lawyer present they had to set and wait out fount of my drive way till he could get their to act as my gardin ,why they set in their car i bruned 4 1/2 oz's ,42 plants ,and the rareist plant i have ever had the luck to grow ! after one of them came face to face with me and said i dont know if you under stand me and said you beat us at are own game today ,your very lucky, it dont happen often ! he smiled and said have a good day , as he truned to walk away i said officer ,he truned and said what ,my lawyer said dont say anything to him , so i look at the officer and said fuck you !waited a min as he looked at me like he want to kill me and iretruned that feeling in full,and than said tim ,tim is my lawyers name lol tim busted out lol the officer said i could tim said get the fuck off his land,sir now !and they left ! but its over! they did not get to my computer my lawyer said it was my sons and they had no warrent for his computer ,so at this time i can only protect what i love most my friends here and on the other site as i am getting ready to for mat the hard drive and put it in a box and give it to a friend that well protect it from any one ever knowing the tazz man lived with in the ink it held with in its pages ,some day i hope to retrun but as of now i am crying good luck tazz11 i can only walk away in the rain!
  2. Ouch! thats gotta suck dude! I'm feelin the pain from here

    good luck with life as we know it....
  3. Sucks dude. No one deserves this shit less than you. NARC ARSED BARSTARD!!!
  4. Best of luck to you tazz11, we'll be here when you can return!! The ink you've left here will keep you in our memory, the inspiration will stay in our hearts!! Peace,Luck, and Love to you and yours!!
  5. Sorry to hear that Tazz. But If there was anyone out thetere smart enough to beat someone at their own game, It's you.

    Know what I want to know next is this. What fate awaits the stepson that turned you in?????
  6. congrats on beatting the fuzz....sry to hear bout your loss tho
  7. rainman! :( you need this least in your life. i hope you feel safe enough soon to come back & chat with us. you will truly be missed, pm me with your snail address if you wish to keep in touch and i will write you many letters. your friendship and kindness will not be forgotten and i - WE - will miss you much!!!
  8. dont count me out!, i take it and recover fast like the hard work i have put in to my strains and plants , not all lost freakly bad toad did could bring him self to destroy my god give gift to make these strain ,he told me he had bruned them and he had not brun one big of plant in steat had dug a hole and cover them with bruch ! i bruned plant but in the panic had not count them with my eye sight ! the cop came back at 6 with another search warren and could not find them ,think their dog were fucking dum or something ! at 9:00 my lawyer called and said they had tryed to get a nother warren and were told out right no by the judge in wich i grew up with ! he told them you found aold wooden bowl and some lights not even in use thats not in any way a growroom in full,and said unless they had some far better they would not get a nother warren for at lest 1 year so fucking A, and after they left last night bad toad said cant you take cutings from the dead plant they cshould be still go ,wouldnt they isaid dude if you bruned them what the fuck do you think i am going to cut them from ashes ! he lol and said no tazz i didnt brun them i took what i thought you would have wanted and hide them if they had found them i would have taken the heat for you man you would not have know where they were and they could not have arested you for them ! we whent back in the moon light and dug them up ,in the bag was my best three plants and a belladona clone and two thr clones ,one of the plants was my beloved thr it had not eve hert her she was just to kick ass strong to welt away ! i cut three clones off her and and we spent all night working hard to planting and geting everthing in order !my grow is no more destroyed with no sign of being there at all now with one thing remainsing my will to grow some of the fineist cannbis ever and the idea that it has not gone to the wind like heavens gate had faced her fate ,for not the love of my friend bad toad this strain is not dead it is still going to be the mother of the strain to be knowen as MEDIC if i have anything to say about it !when my friends herd what had happen some cryed their respect for my work had touch them in their own and they came asking if their was any hope they would do all they could ! now 4 have the strain other than me and they told me if i grow any time i could get clones if i wanted of any strain they have one even joked that all his strain were mine at one time or a nother and said as a gift something they dont normaly do they black listed my son in law and his dum fuck brother ! from bying anything ever !as athink you i had recovered my plant thr and she did not yeild much three small flowerd clones and two 14 inch high ones bud the six of us could not smoke two joints it steam rolled over us like a sweet resin ,mh a hippie from way back got up and came over seeing me crying and took his lope off his nick and said i never knew any one to be a better grower than i ,thank you and gave me his luck breeders lope ,ever one was shocked he has been growing for 45 years and this was only my real secound grow ,he said i thought you were nuts going on about cool temp growing and organic soils but i was wrong and thats the finist dam weed i have ever smoked !the word of it has shot around these parts like a strom rolling in ! as for my son in law he has not won and i can prove that in time to come with the internationial designed strain of MEDic ,i am tazz and i aint going no where till god makes me ! i will go to jail before i give up this strain i had three main strains and with the help of my growing friends i have all three ,back again ! the (skunk #1 ),resins cover your mouth, your lips,fingers anything it touches ,sweet and full soft and kind to the taste it makes you melt in to the chair like LIQUID ,one plant recoverd 24 grams ,all were dryed by mic carefully by bad toad he has been doing drying that way for 8 years ,30secounds at a time and always flipping each time ! a great tip !and he is the god dam best at it! (5 stars,*****) ....(bog bubble ) one out of two recovered 29 grams ,sweet,exspanding,creeper ,smouth and and a full creeper that last for hours ,mid to upper high that one has to take small puff or it exspans far beyound the size one is able to confine!lol a happy up high !great work by bog!(5 stars ,*****) and last but the best g13xh-THR, smouth and soft allmost unknowing being thair at frist hit going unseen ,but secound hit makes you want to inlist !this high is like a stear roller slow and unstopable a great way to get a elephant high! lol this is a medium high with a full power strong high that last for hours and out right had us stoned to the bone ,not wanting to move but very satisfyed in staying put and just talking and being one with the high !very nice weed the best i have ever smoked my self as well as all my friends have ,just a out standing high( 5 stars,***** )!17 grams but priceless !i can only say these strain are what me and my friends and grows know to be some of the best all around weed strains to be found in are grow rooms as of yet ! they all are 5 star and have prove they are worth the rateing ! any one growing these have the makes for their wishes to come true the skunk#1 was breed by the skunkman and given free with a order threw sd,bog is by far one of the finist new breeder out their to find his work finial get its hard work to be seen ! its refind taste and high is out stand !g13xhp-THR sensi seed threw sd this strain i beleave has been over bred its has trifoliates ,hermie and freaks , and as i found out now and than a rare plant shows up in the mix !i am the frist to say i know i have lots two learn about the world of cannabis and its growing breeding and refinements,as a secound real grow this planthas gave me the bigist respect in growing i have ever had !what some said kill off ,with hard work and time respect and trying to know and become the best grower i could be has given me the rare chance to taste its out right top of my shelf rateing none in 29/1/2 years of smokeing can set on this shelf as it dose the breed have gone far beyond hybriding and thou one dose have to pic threw his seedlings and some time lower grem rate ! there stands a chance of finding and know this taste and high ,this is what can make a witch fly !and you if you are to only try as i have ! as for what has happened it was out of my control but i had been smart and took time to put safty and wisdom in to make and designing my grow to be able to vanish when needed to do so ! sorry to say it will not be that easy to restore it! but with time and wisdom some day i well walk into my my grow room cool temp covering my face as i feel the smell of my ladys kissing me for shareing my soul with them ! i cant even begain to tell you all how much i injoy your friendships and this site in my life it has give me hope to live ,as have you the member over look my being a freak and odd old fool ! have touch my spirit in a way that leaves me saying thank you ! i am week and need rest after what has happened ,but no this i am tazz11 and i am back !
  9. Personally what has happened to you is totally fucked up I would punish the fuck out of him tell his ass to stay in his room that you want nothing to do with him he will quickly get the picture cut off all his ties to his friends no tv no phone no friends over ground his lil narc ass. Im sorry but that is one of the worst stories I have ever heard. Im am glad to see you back though I have seen alot of your post and it would be a shame to loose ya and if you need help cleanin that HDD from and pics or evidence period send me a personal message and ill help ya out with that. WELCOME BACK tazz11!!!!

  10. thanks dude i am tazz11 and sad,hell no! i am recovering fast ! computers is up and doing fine as well as resting i am enjoying some of the finist meds one could hope for ! they are black list form every thing around here for about 30 miles so far time well punish them !lol shit weeds knews their names lol all the good grower and breeds around here well have nothing to do with them and what started it ! is over! my daugher's restrainment order and 7 charges are going to keep him bagon for some time ! lol this kind of shit is the only thing i dont like about growing and i plan to find some way to get around this shit ! i lucked out this time i recovered my strains and a few oz's as well, i thank god that he gave me the wisdom he did !good luck tazz11
  11. He who fails to learn from history, is doomed to fail.

    Good to see you Tazz11
  12. i hear you big guy ! i must be learning i had more plants this time than last time and my room vanished fasters,i think a cop car setting at the end of the drive way is one hell of a motivation, matter of fact the best i know of LOL good luck tazz11
  13. after this , i feel like a part dudes want to smoke a few ?
  14. all you need to know is the letters of the game ,s is for skunk#1....b is for bog bubble ....g is for g13-hp -THR anyone want to party

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  15. i said party dude not taste !lol iam tazz11 and i know how to party dudes !harvest time makes me happy very happy dudes ,i may have lost 2/3 but i did not loss this !........hell ya!

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  16. After what you went through, you deserve to party til the cows call the cops!! lol, Enjoy yourself!! Peace! :D: :smoking:
  17. You roll some pretty good joints for a blind guy. LOL

    I'm a strictly rolling machine guy myself.
  18. i can roll with my eyes close for real dude, no shiten ! but bad toad rolled most of them ! lol i am just a old hippie with out a machine, i like to be one with my papers in ink as well as the others !!lol good luck tazz11
  19. bad toad = Good Friend !! , but I'm sure with your outlook on life you've got lots of 'em!!! :D: :D: :smoke:
  20. Nice pics Rainman!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] I'm sorry that you have such a bratty step son...I wish you the best my friend!!! [​IMG]


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