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Last post before the test

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Deitz702, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. I've taken 25 easy@home test off amazon,all first void all showing second faint line,I'm on day 93 as if today,havnt smoked or been around weed.

    I'm a couch potato,I have a desk job and I never go outside my house unless to go get food,I weigh 204lbs,not really fat,still alot of muscle in me and a small gut,from back 2 years when I body built before my depression kicked in,I'm not active at all,but have been drinking a gallon if water.

    Not asking if I'm clean I'm clearly not very very slow metabolism,but do you think I'm below the 50ng cutoff?

    Going for a new more active job and it requires a D.O.T 5 panel drug test.

    If I have 1 more week,should I attempt to go outside with a weighted vest and workout for a hour a day,but after the remaining metobites,are released how long does it take to flush them out of the blood/urine before my test?

    Thank you all.
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  2. a sauna is the only way I've heard of that works no dounbt... you need to be in there a few hours and drink 16 oz of water and sit and swet it out... when you stop sweating drink another 16 oz and sweat it etc.... a few of those will wash your system for sure... otherwise work out and clean out that way but you could dislodge some of the latent thc from working out and then not getting it flushed completely... so make sure to flush as much as possible after work out etc...

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