last possible date for growing marijuana

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by markisbiz, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. whats going on grasscity i was just wondering what you guys think the last possible date for growing marijuana outdoors with enough time for the plant to completely flower i just started a plant that sprouted on august 5th do you guys think that it will survive long enough to give me some decent buds i live in new york and im just worried about it getting to cold to quick
    p.s.maybe ill get some pics if anyone wants to see what i got im prob gunna have you guys help sex it for me too
  2. New york at this point get some Dawf autoflowering seeds like Ganja Dawf Low Ryder #2, #2 sapose to give 30grams in 60days from seeding. But who really knows. But with the climate in ny now you can get away with dawf autoflowers and there consealable. Start May-early june.:hello:
  3. so you dont think it will flower at all? or just gie me some weak ass buds?
  4. I am afraid it is way too late. Try again in the spring, as soon as any frost has gone.
  5. ok well ill just leave it alone see what happens its in my neighbors yard cuz they got evicted and the house is vacant i just hope no one moves in by next year and i can grow some more plants over there again

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