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Last Pick Up... REDANKULOUS Haze

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by neff, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. So long story short this is going to be my last pick up for a while, possibly up to six months. So I decided to buy a quarter of incredibley dank for my last day.. and I did. I wasn't expecting this when I heard haze.. most haze around here is just some alright dank. But when my boy that I got this insane kush from told me he could get me a quarter of haze for 125, tho a little pricey, i couldnt resist. I was handed this and it is BEAUTIFUL.

    Very taste to it, smells exactly what haze should smell like aswell. The high is a face numbing high, and takes only a bowl out of the bong to fuck my self.

    Enjoy :)





    and here is some Trainwreck I got before that :)...

    Currently high off my ass on this haze and trainwreck mix.
  2. looks godly bro

    y are u stopping??
  3. Looking good dude. Lookin' really crystally.
  4. definately danks!
  5. very stony my friend
  6. Looks delicious, that must be a very potent combo.
  7. dankkkkkkk!!!!

    but why is this your last pickup for that long man?
  8. Sir, that is redankulous!!!!
  9. i don't think hes stopping... i think that was his last pick up as in the one before his newest pick up? haha i don't know how to explain this but its pretty obvious i think haha

  10. Not exactly, my last pick up for a few months, up to six, even twelve but not likely.

    Probation, I made a mistake and was stupid but I have learned and now I am much smarter than before...All in all DO NOT smoke in the car. It may sound stupid, or just seem convieniant to smoke in the car, but its just incredibly risky.
  11. for real. so many people get screwed over on this. if your going to smoke in the car, bring something prerolled so you cant get caught. once its smoked theres no evidence :)

    anyway, i love your buds :)

  12. wow my bad but i love getting high in my car, especially driving and just smoking a jay. it's so relaxing but that sucks, same thing happened to my friend except for the fact that they left the bud at home and just had a blunt. what was your story?

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