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last person left on earth what would you do?

Discussion in 'General' started by davida0829, May 22, 2010.

  1. I would imagine that the last woman on earth would be my wife so we would first gather supplies (food, fuel, clothing, weapons, and other basic survival gear), transportation (military grade of course from ground to water transport), and a library worth of knowledge to attempt to build a utopia for my wife and I wherever I choose to go. And then repopulate the Earth.. knowing that the next generation would be possible retards I would also invest a large part of my time studying cloning and genetic manipulation.

    Oh yeah and blowing shit up that pissed me off in the "old" world. Such as banks, smart cars, and speed limit signs.
  2. I'd find a nice house, stock up on everything, and have a farm going so that when canned goods and fresh stuff ran out, I'd have stuff to eat.
    I'd loot a bookstore and libraries, and spend the days lounging and reading.
    I'd learn to do all sorts of old-school things, like knitting and weaving and candlemaking and such.
    Then, when I knew that I'd lived a good life, I'd throw on a few packs, hop in a car/horse/plane/boat, and go see the places I've always wanted to see.
  3. You'd actually kill the last piece of ass on earth over a rubber vag? When I put it into a question form does it emphasize how crazy stupid that sounds? And besides, you can't buy it of Amazon. No one to fill your order. You'd have to go to the wherehouse and find it along with your lifetime supply of lube since you won't have a chick anymore.
  4. Go into people's houses, eat their food, sniff their oxycodone, smoke my weed, smoke their weed, listen to their iPods, think about shit and eventually kill myself flying a plane into a mountain in Southern California.

  5. i thought he went crazy because his glasses broke and he couldnt read any of the books? maybe thats a different episode but it sounds very similar! :smoke:
  6. Truth.
  7. The old twilight zone's are so classic!!! I couldn't sleep because of many of those episodes!!!

    I would probably grow opium, cannabis, peyote, salvia, shrooms, along with the worlds largest variety of citrus, vegetable and root plants. I would create the largest, most complex garden organized by its purpose: Food, entertainment, beauty.

    As for the girl: my lady!
  8. I would probably live on Disney World or Universal Studios. Of course, before that, steal from alot of dope houses (weed, acid, shrooms, etc). Then steal a fucking amazing car. With the girl of my dreams. And just will probably end up making porn vids with her while amazingly high on weed, acid, shrooms, etc... Just my idea.
  9. if im the only one, crawl back off into nature and learn to survive. i wouldnt even recognize myself as human anymore, i would fully intend on reverting back to my animal instincts.

    why? cus fuck human society, thats why.
  10. I would go on this savage-ass rampage mode and kill fucking everything, blow up shit, & cause mass destruction everywhere I went.
  11. I would grow millions of acres of ganj! Beat some cakes in the process, and smoke big fat spliffs all fuckin day long while living in paradise!

    ^ I wish:(
  12. Raid every pharmacy I rest my eyes on, grow entirely too much weed and try to smoke it all, fuck the aforementioned girl in public so it doesn't get old, and hike everywhere with a rucksack. I'd also sleep (or rather smoke myself unconscious) in movie theaters, naked. With silk sheets.
  13. ummmm not sure if anyone has said this yet.....

    buuuuutttt i would do the obvious thing and use my dream girl to re-populate the world... according to my genes :)

  14. But if you did this, wouldn't everyone be inbred and turn into mutants or some shit?
  15. thanks for all the answers guys =] :smoke: cool seeing what people would do sorry i didnt quote all of yea i just am tired as fuck right now an bout ready to pass out love all the replys and yes i would grow millions of acres of pot aswell
  16. right, okay, so what if you wanted to repopulate the world, but you only had daughters with your dreamgirl and no sons...ughhh
  17. well then i guess you would be screwed lol

    altho i am sure the next gen would be a bunch of mutants an inbreds soooooo i dont think i would even try to repopulate just my 2 cents:smoke:
  18. Why has nobody taken a submarine yet? That's what I would do, just explore the world in a nuclear submarine... that is suddenly able to by run by just 2 crewmembers...who don't know how to operate it...yeah never mind.:mad:
  19. Took the words out of my mouth... Zombie hunting while puffin mj would be amazing. :devious:
  20. I would wonder where the fuck every left too.. but then I'd learn how to fly a plane and travel the world. :smoke:

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