last person left on earth what would you do?

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  1. ok just got done watchin i am ledgend agian (probly 40th time) an also just got done watchin life after people on the net (that show is crazy!!)

    so i thot would ask all of you what would u do if u woke up to no one on earth but yourself what would you do??

    few fake things tho the power will stay on forever u will never die (unless you end up killing yourself somehow imo drownin jumpin off a roof stuff of that nature) u wont die naturally
    and your pets will never die eather
    o ya and nature dosnt take over an destroy everything like on life after people

    and i gues i can throw in the chick of your dreams

    so guys after reading all that if you feel still feel like replying i thank you :)

    please tho try an keep it in the normal for a lil u can get out just dont get completly out of it lol
  2. Take more drugs, spend time with the girl, take some more drugs, have lots of stoned sex, take more drugs.

    Need I say more?
  3. no u need not =] i am thinkin the exact thing atm:smoke:
  4. Drugs and explore the world. Hope there iss a hot girl who is dtf anytime. Kill shit.
  5. yup there is a hot girl that is dtf all the time (sais so in the threads begginning) an i like the killin shit part to
  6. I forgot the funnest one...BLOW SHIT UP!
  7. most definitly the funnest part of it!!!
  8. Burn down major city's. Make art EVERYWHERE!!!! Steal guns and unload them into cars. Pee on things. Uhhhh sleep in a different house every day.
  9. I would put of having sex with this dream girl for as long as possible because you know that no matter how perfect she is... if she is the only one.... you are gunna get bored of taping that pussy, in which case i would have to kill her. Then buy one of them fake vaginas off Amazon. Man im high as fuck and i laughed epicly writing this whole reply.
  10. lol this is brillyence at its best!!
  11. So is this heh heh :D
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    Get a big boat, fill it full of supplies (food, electricity generators etc), take the girl, take a few thousand seeds, take all the papers, bongs, lighters and bud I could find then head off to a tropical island somewhere, grow the largest plantation I can imagine, live in a mansion i'd find on a beach and be happy!
    Oh i'd also bring a nice big plane and learn to fly it then visit all of the most amazing places on earth...
  13. break into the police station and look for the dildo in the shower like they have in san andreas
  14. I'd kill myself
  15. I'd blow my brains out before I go hopelessly insane from loneliness.

  16. Prison inmates everywhere want to kill you.

    anyways, Like the other guy said, I'd take 1,000 seeds of every weed strain there is ever and make a HUGE plantation somewhere in the world with a view that is eye orgasmic.

    As for the girl, The chick from You Don't Mess with the Zohan.
  17. Reminds of the twilight zone episode where the one guy wakes up and the entire world is destroyed. He was content at first because he found a library with some books, and earlier in the episode he had been expressing his desire for alone time to just read and relax, but after awhile he went crazy because he needed the company of someone else.

    Id probably do the same thing. Find something to occupy my time, and maybe even be happy that I have time to myself to just be ME, but after awhile I would just go crazy and break down from the loneliness.
  18. Teach myself to fly... it can't be that hard right? :rolleyes:

    After that travel the world for about a decade or so. Blow shit up, steal guns and food... the usual. Decide where I liked best and plant thousands of seeds. Grow food, cultivate land, keep animals. Live hand-to-mouth. Read. Learn. Get bored, go crazy and then probably commit suicide.
  19. Smoke n fuck the shit out of Megan fox or Jessica Alba
  20. Raid every gun shop/dealers houses/drug places (point is to get a lot of drugs and weapons)

    Issue the T-virus to all of the dead.

    Sit at home, get fucked up and kill zombies until I eventually died.

    I mean who cares about dying if your the only one left?

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