Last or worst time you injured yourself.

Discussion in 'General' started by Blix, May 6, 2016.

  1. Last time I injured myself was last night.
    Cut my finger while sharpening my Kukri.

    Didn't really hurt, but it bled a good bit.
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  2. Was close to taking the tips of two fingers off at work because i was batoning carrots while talking with my head up cut streight into both cutting through the nail and into the fingers, they say you only do something stupid once in the kitchen!
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  3. The last time I hurt myself was a few weeks back; pretty baked, mountain biking. Trails were a bit wet and sketch and ate dirt at speed towards the end of ride, left with a few battle scars but nowt major.

    The worst time I hurt myself was a few years back; pretty baked, mountain biking. Trails were dusty dry and it was a great day sessioning. Towards the end of the ride, picked up a bit too much speed coming out of a berm (steep corner) and went flying off the trail into a load of boulders. Broke a couple ribs.

    I guess there's arm breaks/fractures and stuff too, and stuff that was pretty gnarly at the time but have since forgotten. My mate once got his ass cheek impaled on a rusty old fence spike, while were larking about as kids one time. That was pretty gnarly. But gota admit.. When it's not too serious an injury, the flood of adrenaline is really quite nice. :biggrin:
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  4. I was at work one day cooking potatoes in the oven at 400F. They cook for one hour and are usually done. The oven is tall so you have to reach up and pull out a big metal pan without spilling the water all over yourself. Hands above my head. I pulled it out of the oven, and set it down gently on the hotbox(steam cabinet) No problem. I opened the door, made room, and pulled back on the metal man to bring it close to the edge so I could move it. I pulled too hard and 400F water spilled all down my stomach missing my junk but hitting my thighs. Soaked my shirt and my pants.
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  5. The worst time I ever injured myself was way back
    in the 4th grade. We were playing tag on the playground.
    I was looking behind me while running and turned around
    just in time to take a monkey bar to the face.
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  6. I didnt' tell my boss because it was my first day by myself in the kitchen, and I really didn't want to be sent home. I set a bag of tater tots on the work table, and continuously leaned into it so the burning would stop. My stomach was bright red. I believe in natural remedies so doing the doctor thing was out. They just want to prescribe drugs. I put some lotion on it, made a few edibles, smoked a few bowls, and aimed my portable AC unit at myself, and just rested. After that day I was off for 3 days, so I had time to rest. Probably the worst burns I've ever had. People kept telling me to go to the hospital. I'm good.
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  7. yesterday I was riding a bus and flew into the dashboard and windshield after he slammed on the brakes.
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  8. Yall aint got shit on lil wayne. Big homie og shot himself in the chest with a 357 at the age of 12
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  9. lil wayne is good
  10. oops. wrong thread
  11. He's trash
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  12. I've injured myself last night, actually. Accidentally leaned over a gas heater inside the bar.. got two lines tattoed on my arm now. lol
  13. Worst I ever was injured was when I got stabbed in New Orleans. Had to go to the hospital and I don't like it.
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  14. worst time would be fracturing my pelvis in got some pretty bad road rash when i was cut off riding my motorcycle, last time last night grabbing my ti nail, had way worst from a ti nail tho. Set my arm on a ti nail before that was awful
  15. The time I tried to shoot myself and the bullet did not penetrate my skull just went up and over and out Hurt Like a Bitch
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  16. Show a pic of your kukri!

    Here's mine. I left it out by mistake and rusted, but kept it that way, since I use this one for home defense, sits within grabbing distance of my bed.
    I have plenty other wood chopping knives.

    About a month ago, I had the flu and was showing one of my chefs how to thinly slice green onions, his knife was really dull and had to bring the knife up higher for momentum, came down on my index knuckle, was bad.
  17. definitely read that at first as you were sharpening the



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  18. Get burns all the time from my cleaning equipment. 250° brass fittings + bare skin = burns up an down my arms.

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  19. Many, many moons ago...I made trade and put my head through a windshield losing my childhood in the process to become...

    ...A God.:coolalt:
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  20. Think about that bitch that got her finger bitten off... I'm still staying outta your way!

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