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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ak47man1, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. My friends and I went to this haunted place and I was freaking out. When we got back we went in his garage and drank beer and smoked some herb to calm down. We got pretty messed up. We went to the gas station to get some Visine because he had to work the next day. When we got there everything looked good so we got beef jerkey and Cheetos. Best story ever.
  2. We didn't get caught but it was funny.
  3. Cool story bro.
  4. There's an abandoned house near me with boards over everything, except one window open (no window there, just frame). I've always wanted to go look at it, especially blaze in there, but I dunno how well the floorboards are holding up. I don't wanna fall through the floor halfway through smoking. The flame would go out.

    Did you see anything weird?
  5. No it doesn't make you see things.
  6. No thread in the history of the internet deserves a cool story bro as much as this one.

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