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last nights sky

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. are ya startin to feel it yet boys?....
    by the time i tried to get ya the moon i was quite drunk and ended up witha fuzzy dot in the sky an mosly trees, one of the ground, got my feet, took one backwards and some kinda wierd video of me trippin around in the dark :D

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  2. the night and the pic ! :)
  3. nothing like taking pictures while gettin' messed up. Great sunset.
  4. Great picture. There have been some nice sunsets around here too, lately.
  5. its great having a full 360 / 180 of nearly nothing but sky. i do dig sunsets & sinrises... and twighlight.

    and the moon.. which reminds me...
    and the stars.

    and not forgetting the clouds.. as long as theres not to many of them.

    humans spend far too much time sheilded from the sky these days. it cant be healthy.
  6. Thats beautiful Highya.... I hope you have both feet on the ground today!!!!!
  7. nice pic, i always love a good sunset... but its better with someone special... or not.. depends on the mood
  8. same spot....heres tonights
    ........i think its pollution :D

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  9. Nice pictures there little indian dude. Can you feel the full moon coming on?? It'll be here Thursday.....
  10. yup, i started feelin it a few days ago....
    an im going to make you look at tonights sunset too, its supposto be real purtey.
  11. i think we need to have a "higha's nightly sunset photo" thread:D

    hell, this one will do:)

    heres what tonights sunset looks like here:(

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  12. hippi john that is really cool lookin.
    dont know what happenend to last night the news channel said it was going to be a spectacular sunset...after the last few nights im like wow, im there (my front
    so my but there, waitin,waitin are fighting ruining all the tranquility, waitin,waitin, an then nuthin....
    im neer listening to the weather guy again. an i thought i was an idiot!

    instead of highas nightly sunset, it should just be the sunset thread.
  13. UGGGG! rainclouds!!, I've seen too many of those this summer.
  14. i know!!!! it's just rainin like crazy here! but u know, the moon was an orange color the other nite. looked pretty cool.
  15. tonights was really cool

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  16. then to this...

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  17. then this, im really starting to worry about those powerplants over yonder :D

    *edit im going to have to read my little camera book about the panara,..ah wide angle option

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