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Last Nights Pickup Pics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Shouse1018, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Sup guys. Just thought i post some picks on some mids i picked up last night.

    got just an eigth paid only 25. I prefer dank but you smoke what you can find.

    Shyt is really good, has been makin me confused.




    Some bubble gum. For some reason i can't load any of the other bubble gum pics.


    Here's me new dog. My wife found this little puppy on the side of the road in a really

    nice neighborhood. what kind ya think it is?? I'm thinkin rat terrier mix maybe with a

    pom pom (tail kinda has the curly thing goin on when walkin)
    her name is Lucey

    This is my other dog. His name is Dozer.
  2. Bud doesnt look bad but 25 for a half eigth seems a little steep. I dont even what to know what you pay for dank.
  3. Yeah man, these mids have been makin me soo confused.

    Last night when i bought the eigth i smoke a little and left. Went to Burger King

    and thought i lost $10 I should've had $85 left. Was like WTF i must've dropped it.

    Counted my money like 10 times. Sure enough I was counting wrong, LOL

    I counted a 20 as a 10 and it threw me way off. I was goin crazy tryin to find it.
  4. A lot of people diss on mids but in reality if you get the right people you can get bomb ass ganja for cheap.
  5. yeah i get all my cheeva real cheap and its always high mids. I cant really diss mids because all i really smoke is blunts so i'm always smoking a good bit so mids do me just fine.
  6. Mids are excellent for blunts although you sure do have to put alot of smoke through your lungs.
  7. i can never find mids.

    i can find low mids, but i don't want that.

    if i could find buds like the ones you have there i would be in heaven. i need some blunt weed!
  8. lol was going thru this forum thinking wtf are eigths and all... then i thought hmmmm oh a half quarter!

    That stuff looks nice... i got 2 o's of some mids for 350.... too darn expensive for mids. I dun even think its mids... i got 4grams of leaves/stems bullshit in the bag. I fuckin love weed that fucks u up, the first thing thta goes thru my mind is " is it laced?? " every time i get good budd!
  9. Looks like some good bud. And that price is a steal! Cute dog too :)

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