Last night's midnight toke.(kinda funny)

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    Well last night around 12:30 I was smokin me a nice bowl blowin it out my window and I finished it and I went and sat down at my desk to go on GC:). Well about five minutes pass and I start to hear whispers so of course I thought I was going insane. I got myself together and listened to the whispers then paranoia hit me I was like holy shit maybe its the cops because the whispers were coming from my window or it sounded like it. So I quickly turn off my monitor so my room is completely dark and I get down on the ground and army crawl to my window and I take a peek. I see theres a car across the street and people were coming out of it I was like wtf? So I keep watching and I realize the "whispers" I heard were actually coming from these kids. My street is REALLY quiet at night and you can hear anything. So I realize these are TPers and theres a kid crossing the street to hit my friends house and I got a GREAT idea. Im gonna fuck with these kids. I go over to the open side of the window(my window slides from right to left so half of its open. And I whistle as loud as I can and I see one of the kids dressed in all black just jump up and starts panicking and he runs over to a bush and im just laughing my ass off in my room. Then another one comes out of the car and hes walking across the street to so guess what I do now? I started moaning in a growling voice and shit I was like"OHHH YEAHHH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OH SHIT IM CUMMING!" and these 15 or 16 year old kids just run back to the car as fast as they can and they speed off while im laughing my ass off. That just made my night:D
  2. ha ha thats an inventive way of getting kids not to tp your friends house
  3. Haha I know man I just had to do it. I think it was his little brothers friends. I was gonna bust out my airsoft shot gun and shoot all of them but I was to lazy.
  4. haha great story man.. i would of secretly snuck up behind them, TP'd the inside of their car when they were tping your neighbors.
  5. hahaha yeah that would be hilarious. Or I could take a shit on the drivers seat:devious:
  6. haha even better
  7. hah thats helal funny whwer form norcal you at?
  8. Napa.
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    oh chillin im form novato if you know were that is, and if you dont its between petaluma and san rafeal
  10. You defiantly should have started shooting at them with your air soft gun lol, i gurantee one of them would have shit there pants.
  11. i woulda gone to my bathroom and thrown TP back at em from my window. Unless of course your's has a screen.
  12. I know where that is ive been there a couple times.

    I have a screen and a olive tree infront of my window that blocks anyone from seeing smoke coming out of my window day or night :)

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