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Last nights dank pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by T0tallyDan, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Picked up a oz last night.

  2. Looks like some good headies. How much?
  3. nah this looks more than headies. looks like decent dank. nice grab
  4. lookin good... what does it smell like?
  5. pretty hairy nugz. nice.
  6. Enjoy it Good stuff
  7. $325 for 30g's

    Thanks man

    Smells ALMOST fruity, deffinitly sweet smelling.


    This shit keifs like crazy, Im so ripped.
  8. choice buds man...price well worth
  9. Thanks man.
  10. oh man i had that nug a couple weeks ago, came in from up north volusia i think how much?
  11. Actually came from O-Town. $325 for 30 g's
  12. cool i get 28 for 300 so it's the same price
  13. dank. nice price.
  14. Im supposedly going to get some purp from O-Town in the next few days.
  15. thats some dank right there.

    hows the high?
  16. Mostly head high. Comedown is very couch lock. Smoke is very smooth and taste is sweet.
  17. looks really dank bro. good choice
  18. damn man 325 bucks? that better be some dank ass shit
  19. uh, hey, prices are different from place to place, i'm pretty sure someone has to say this every time prices are even mentioned. 300 for 28 or 325 for 30 g's in florida is a good deal if yer getting some pretty dank buds. i usually scoop name brand buds upwards of 350-375 a zone if it's good enough, so i'm not saying it's not too expensive or whatev, i'm just saying that this is what the prices are some places. it's illegal, we don't have medical, and we still have dank. i'm sure places up north that it's illegal have even worse deals than us (new hampshire, north carolina, etc.) people have come through and thought i was getting the hook up. so it all depends.

  20. Actually man North carolina has some really good prices :) reg goes for about 70 thro 95 an oz some mids are slightly higher ive heard some exotic going for about 250 thro 275 an oz around here :) but never gotten over mids my self ( leech of rich friends when it comes to that) i love NC having some amazing prices

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