Last night.

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  1. Sup, GC? Last night I'm smoking a couple bowls by myself and chatting with my bro, and I mention I'm hungry and next thing I know he's ordering Dominos for me. fuck yes. Not only that, but when the delivery guy came, he gave me three pizzas, because they fucked up one of the ones I ordered and had to re-make it. I know my shitty phone camera makes it look like vomit in a crust, but trust me, it was so good.

    What'd you do last night? / Other related stories so I don't start yet another thread that's already dead before I hit 'submit' haha.


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  2. Picked up an 8th. Watched Fantastic Mr Fox again. Drank some Svedka and passed out.
  3. I started to watch that flick but I was too faded to follow it. I was pretty impressed with what I saw though. Will have to watch it again sometime soon.
  4. last night i got high and got dominos too, good choice!

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