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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by texasmoke, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. So last night my friend picks me and another friend up at about 2:30 AM in the pouring rain to go blaze. So he picks us up and tells me to call a guy cause he wants a 50 sack, so i call and we go pick up the bud, it scaled out to 2.7(some dankkk) and we left.

    We ended up going to this legit double fence spot next to a water tower and i proceed to roll up 2 fat blunts and pack a bowl, We spark the 2 blunts and hotbox the shit out of his little black caviler. After the blunts we hit the bowl and end up leaving to go to T Bell. We start driving and notice a CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK noise and his dumbass stops in the middle of the road and gets out and looks at the tire confirming it was flat as fuck...

    So i freak out and tell him to just take us home and park the car at my house, but he goes to racetrack gas station which is closed, of course. We end up pulling in next to the air pump without 75 cents and just sit there for about 30 minutes calling people, while the rain in pouring all around us. Then finally after 19 callls to different people i call my friend and her high ass boyfriend (one of my best friends) answers and says he will pick us up "for a gatoraide and like 10 fucking honeybuns". Then pick us up and we put 75 cents in the air thing and pump up the tire and my friend drove home and my other friends take us home.

    It sucked but atleast i got smoked out 2 blunts end ended up home in one peice :hello:
  2. Yeah my car battery has run out twice in similar situations. NOT fun.

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