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  1. so i am a avid smoker im 18 and have been smoking sence i was a good old 15.. in my days i have come across the worst shit you could ever think of the the best of the best i have even gotten my hands on some pcp laced shit... man... that was nice... well back to it.. so i have a high tolarance.. well last night at this party me and a cupple of my friends were sitting in the back smoking a bowl of my shit all going well till thease 3 guys show up well thay say if i share they will to they said it was high mids... Trust me that was a lie... so i take a hit of that and fuck me raw but that shit was laced with something shitty it tasted so fucking bad... like it was unbelivable how bad this shit tasted... i couldent take another hhit.. well i go back inside and drink some and just chill out with my friends and all of the sudden i start tripping my ass off... this was like... nothing i have ever done befor... it lasted like 4 hours... like would any one know what that shit could have been laced with cuz i know that wasent any fucking high mids... i also asked one of them today what it was and all the sudden it got sketchie like one would say the other refused to tell and the other swore it wasent laced and the third wouldent even talk to me... i can alredy pick out what it is NOT... if it was coke my mouth would have been numb and pcp only lasts for 10 min at the most... and it wasent dank or mids.... any help here would be greatly apreciated....
  2. maybe it was laced with thc man, shits dangerous:eek:
  3. Maybe a like acid or something? I'm not good with laced pot so I wouldn't know, but I do know quite a bit about LSD and your trip sounds like a short LSD trip.
  4. thats what i was thinking but it felt closer to a dxm tripp... with out feeling sick... i drank so much and i still felt like i was on top of the world... it tasted like baking soda almost... its weird... defflently something you know you aint suposed to smoke..
  5. maybe cough syrup... I've tripped balls on that and it sounds similar :p.

  6. Hahahahahhahaa!!! :laughing:

    I almost shit my fucking's even more funny to see you are not kidding! :D
  7. sorry man... I already stated that I don't know shit about laced pot... don't have to be a dick about it. Jesus Christ.
  8. Naw it would have had more of the RoBo flavor it it.. i have tripped a few times off of that.. not something i to found of... makes you go crazy and people robo tripping are easy to point out and no one could tell i was like freaking out.. it wasent a bad tripp that god.. but just kinda worrys me.. who knows what that shit is and if thease guys are party hopping and getting people to smoke with them like this... im just trying to keep a look out on my fellow tokers... cuz for all i know to much of that shit and your gonna end up dead
  9. Now I'm guessing, DMT? Don't know what that trip is like but....
  10. i was reading Apprentice Tokers' Guide to Laced Cannabis and im starting to think it was Methamphetamime or something along thoes lines... and theas guys are dealers so its not like they just bought this shit off of the streets...
  11. LSD can't be smoked thats all I know.
  12. yeah i know a nice amount of hillisougens cant... and yes... i do know i spelt that wrong...>.< but any ways... it could have been some bull shit like that spraid some chemical on it like raid or some shit and it was messing with the booz to... who knows... GOD... it just makes me angry... what happend to the days when you could sit at a party and just smoke some good old earth .....
  13. kids lace shit with god knows what these days :p. Used to be lacing only drinks.
  14. Lol? I doubt you would be talking about how nice it was if it was actually PCP.

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