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  1. (A bit on the longer side)

    Was pretty awesome, I was talking with my cousin and that made me want to smoke because he was high and was talking about it big time. Making me reminisce about the times I was high and shit.

    So I am trying to figure out who can get me some. I was with my sister and my best friend who go to college right now I'm still in Highschool and whenever they come down here I try to hook them up. And this time I call in a favor.

    I call up my big time stoner friend who was drunk and ask him if he has any because I was dry at the time and was looking for bud. I had smoked him and his friends out recently when they were drunk so I was calling in favors pretty much.

    So he says no and is really drunk keeps hanging up on me and shit. And later he calls me and is like. Dude I got two bowls but you gotta come smoke with me, I say could I just get one and we could toke up some other time.

    He says they are dank his only two bowls, and my sister didn't want to smoke outside of the house. So she became the designated and I promised her three hits from my bong before we start at the house. Because my buddy said he would give us the other bowl if we smoked with him.

    So we go over there toke in my sis's car and chill out for a while taking hits from his mini-bong. And we take the bowl but chill out. There was this music that was like a fatman walking or something it scared me. It also sounded like Alien Rockstars in the mothership.

    I look over at my best friend and he's got completely solid red eyes, it was so funny. And this other friend of mine was having closed eye hallucinations and shit about him wearing a blue suit with munchies in front of him. And he thought he saw someone yawn and a potato chip fell out. I was laughing so hard.

    Then we had to go and we stopped at a red light which was taking for ever. And my best friend and I look at this Mexican Restaurant Peppers. He was like "There is no fucking peppers in their food, they are fucking liars."

    Then the sis who is sober says, "Whats behind peppers."

    My friend says "Nothing, oh wait, what if the alleyway was filled with food."

    It was so funny and made no sense. Then I came home and we talked with my mom who was okay with it.

    We came home and smoked out of my bong with ice in it, it was just awesome.

    Went to my room listened to trippy backwards talking music, then Slightly Stoopid, then watched some of Eraserhead. We finished off by playing Jenga and then Spider-man Web of Shadows.

    I won at Jenga I was so stoned and happy.

  2. lol she wanted to smoke that bowl with you
  3. sounds like a good time man. Wish I was there.
  4. She kept saying she wanted to leave so she could. It was good she didn't or we would've been in trouble.

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