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last night

Discussion in 'General' started by morbydvisns, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. last night i went and saw some monster truck drags. fun shit! they had 4 wheeler races and a heat of stock cars too with a drag competition for the monster trucks the only name i remember is blue thunder and something cyborg i think king krunch was there too. and then a freestyle show king krunch was bouncin around on his back wheels and shit good ol red neck fun =)
  2. sounds....uummmmm....boring, im not into the whole drag thing, cept for when i get my dream car, race on!
  3. yo, i remember when i was but a wee lad, lol, went to the state fair. they had what is called a tractor pull, and it had to be the most boring event i have ever witnessed. well, one of them anyways. ive seen some pretty boring stuff o_O
  4. yea but see ur not a redneck are ya
  5. I wish I were like yooou. So eeeeasily amused.. ::hums along::
  6. .........when someone tells you that you have something in your teeth and you take them out and look at them, you might be a redneck........

    .......if you've had your nipple bitten off by a beaver, you might be a redneck.......

    Jeff Foxworthy, Blue Collar Comedy Special
  7. You might be a redneck if your genitals smell like incest.

  8. llmfao! haaha a redneckk

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