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  1. Last night was an experience so great that as a moderate grasscity forum reader I had to take the final step to create an account and share.
    Until last night I had never seen someone die from ripping bong (she didn't actually die). There's a good rotation going, probably ten people but only eight people are smoking. Most of these people are already drunk so naturally they feel empowered to overstep their bounds. The piece gets passed to an unseasoned toker and she milks it, tries to clear it, but bites more than she can chew. Immediately she has her head in her hands, it was an enormous hit--when I had to clear the rest I was impressed. Well, before I knew it, this girl fell out of her chair and was passed out on the floor. Her friend helped her for a short period of time until she came back to earth, but the best part was that she tried to walk to the bathroom with her eyes closed. Maybe you've been there before, maybe you haven't. This girl made my night and I don't expect to be smoking with her again anytime soon.
    Here's the questionable part of that night,
    I let a new friend borrow my grinder so that he could contribute to our session. I showed him that there was already bud in there but trusted him to use his judgment; it wouldn't matter if he took a little more. However, he takes it upon himself to pack a kief bowl for everyone. I guess I might be over-protective but I've been collecting ever since I bought that grinder and had he asked I may have consented. I decided that either way, that kief pack would serve as tribute to our fallen f(r)iend. All in all, many laughs were had and many packs were shared among friends.

  2. I am sorry but your life must be really boring if that was something so exciting that you had to post about it. 

    Welcome to the forum though. 
  3. Very cool story
  4. Did u confront the dude about it?

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