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    You guys,
    First time poster. I have to share this horrible experience I had last night with marijuana. Curious about the kind of feedback I'll get. I've used cannabis recreationally a few times now. 6 times smoking it, 2 times with edibles spread out over the course of 2 not much of an expert.
    Yesterday one of my buddies got me a cookie, so I gave it a try when I got home. I started off eating just a quarter of it. After about 30 minutes I really didn't feel anything - maybe a little tired. So I decided I'd have another quarter, and just call it good. About an hour went by, and quickly I started feeling the effects. I was in a good mood. Time was moving extremely slow...which was awesome because it was making my night last longer. I turned off some video games once I felt sleepy, and hopped on my computer. 3 to 4 minutes after I turned my PS4 off, shit got real. All of a sudden I felt like my ear canals opened up to be the size of a plastic water bottle, and I started FREAKING out. I literally held my phone on me the entire time in case I needed to call for help. I was so scared, I thought for sure I could be dying. I tried going to sleep...but silence seemed to make it worse, and I felt like I was falling. I couldn't stand up straight, or hold still. It hurt! I convinced myself that I needed to squeeze my temples in order to let the air out of my head so that I didn't explode. I twitched and tweaked the fuck out on my couch for almost 3 hours. Finally fell asleep. When I woke up this morning, I had a massive hangover. Pounding head. My lips were cracked.
    The only other time I felt like this was the first time I smoked. My ears felt pretty painful, like my eardrums would pop. I stepped outside to get some fresh air, and it went away after about 10 minutes. Never felt the way I did last night though all of the times in between. Can anyone tell me why this happened to me? It was extremely unpleasant.

  2. Sort of happened to me just not symptom wise but i greened out and since your body isn't used to it so it's going to act differently depending on how much you use. That's why I always wait an hour after eating some of the brownie/cookie etc. Would also help to know what strain was used in cooking it.

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  3. Stay away from edibles if you're an inexperienced toker. If you don't know the dosage it's hard to gauge how much to eat.

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