Last Night

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  1. ..was not the best.
     Started off by me not being able to see this girl at her house. Then, while i was speeding, i lost control of my truck and i ended up spinning around a bit while almost hitting some cars. i got a flat tire. I tried changing the tire, but ended up putting the car jack in the wrong place and the whole car jack just collapsed and broke. Had to call up my cousin to help me out with his car jack, but his was too small for my truck. Ended up driving to a gas station to take some air out of the spare in order for it to fit in the small space the car jack allowed it to be raised. Ended up getting the spare in and had to drive back to the gas station to refill the air.
    Then after this whole incident was done, I went to the recording studio with my cousins like originally planned (I was about 3 minutes away before I got the flat). We got there and everything was dope. Until I get back to my truck and couldn't find my keys. So I look for them for about 10 minutes and I was close to giving up hope. BTW All this was happening while my phone had no battery. I ended up finding my keys under my car seat.
    Idk, but last night was just bizarre.
    After all this, I went to my homies house and smoked a blunt and headed home.
    Sorry if its long, i feel like i had to vent for a bit

  2. You hit some cars?
  3. And I complained because I had a boring night, ha!
  4. I killed a squirrel once...
  5. i eat squirrel
  6. I just got faded and watched anime... hah sounds pretty cray.
    I do this the majority of my spare time. Who needs friends.
    But you hit cars?
  8. Man you had one of thoes day .
  9. lol. that's horrible. first world problems suck
  10. Murphy's Law at its finest... 

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