last night was tight

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  1. so i was gonna go to my friend's house friday night and party. well, dan told me that this dude tim is coming up and he has 200 bucks to spend on a party and he's gonna get a keg and we're gonna go to dan's friend's house and throw a party there. well, we couldn't go there. so we weren't sure where we were gonna go to throw a party, but we were getting wasted either way.

    so after work me and my friend tj go to my house and then go to dan's house and all the time we're smoking a few bowls. i have less than a quarter of weed, but i get a bunch of people high. started at 4 and stopped at 7 and now i'm out of weed, but i had a good time with it.

    so another dude comes out and he's got some good shit and we smoke up a few joints. get really high and then tim comes with three cases of bottles of bud lite. we started playing presidents and assholes. i only drank two beers because i dont really like drinking compared to smoking.

    so then we're trying to figure out a place to go party because dan just recently got in trouble for fucking a chick who turned out to be a minor, so he can't be around any minor girls and we got one at his house right now.

    we decided to rent a hotel room. the hotel is an old ski lodge that use to be a five star resort where people would go for their honey moons and shit but then the hotel went bankrupt and now they're kind of run down with no business.

    so tim and another friend rent two rooms each at 75 bucks and the dude who was working there was an old friend so they told him to give us two rooms next to each other in an empty section of the hotel. so he does and tell us that he might come up and party with us later.

    the rooms are tight for 75 bucks. they're right next to each other and they both have balconies, two beds, and a pretty nice tv. we move around all the furniture to get a nice sitting area for presidents and assholes and then we fill up the bathtub full of beer.

    people got straight up wasted dude. i was so fucking high. we were loud as hell, but noboyd really goes to that hotel anymore, so we could be. it was awesome. we smoked a few joints in the hotel room and in the stairway. this dude tom (he was on adrial) kept talking to me the whole time telling me stories about how he would get in fights and shit and sometimes he'd tell me like three times and i'm so baked that i'm zoning out every three minutes. i drank another beer and decided that that's it man, i'm good to go.

    chilled for a while and then at 3:00 am drove home - i was just a little drunk, but that sucked, i hate driving even if i've only had one beer, but a few bowls and i'm good.

    passed the fuck out, woke up at 10 pm and went back to get about 500 bucks in cds that i forgot in my friend's hotel room. realized that as soon as i got home. luckily my friends remembered better than i did and before they went home they took them with them so they're gonna give them to me on monday.

    pretty fucking fun night though. renting two hotel rooms that are right next to each other so you can open the side door to make one huge hotel room... is fucking tight as a virgin dude. plus filling one bathtub full of beer (wish it was vodka or a keg) and smoking a shitload that night makes a night the fucking best dude. now all you need to add in there is some pussy, which i almost had, but a fucker beat me to it hahaha. so yeah man, it was tight...
  2. haha sounds amazing man. i'd totally rather spend the other 2x$75 on weed though :p
  3. yeah, but dude... it wasn't my money. the other two dudes were loaded.

    only problem: too much beer, not enough bud.

    since i usually smoke by myself, i like to bring half an ounce to a party and just smoke constantly until we pass out. by the time we pass out we've only smoked maybe a quarter or more and the rest of the ounce lasts me till the end of the month.

    spending 100 bucks and smoking an ounce a month isn't too bad.
  4. hotel rooms are actually sick places to party. one night there was a debutant ball being held at a hotel in my area so we decided to get 2 hotel rooms there for the night get plaseted and party with some friends we knew were going to be at the ball. loaded up the tub with beer and took the smoked detector off the ball and blazed all night. we ended uo getting alot of kids in our room and played way too many rounds of flip cup
  5. I love hotel parties. I've been to a number and never really had any problems. As long as people don't break stuff the hotels are normally chill, around here atleast.

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