Last night was PHAT

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Newbie Toker, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. I went to a reggae chill sorta thing, but i was dry so i was a little pissed off about that, so i got a few beers in and the night was started :-D

    First off the 2 guys i was with hooked up with 2 other girls, cause i wasnt really in a good mood i wasnt really interested in hookin up or anythin, so i downed the rest of my beer and went up to skank, and thats how most of the night went, then at the end I met up with this guy and we got talkin, and he was trippin on lsd, mushrooms and had just taken some special K, he had a bong with him so I asked if he had any bud, he said no but he just got a guy to go pick up for him, so when the guy gets back I score an 1/8th of some of the best bud I have ever seen (£25) and we go to the park around the back and about 7 of us start hitting this guys bong. DAMN! 2 tokes on that shit and i was done for the whole night! this shit is the bomb. then after that he invtied us back to his house to toke up some more, but we had to leave so i got his number and he is movin right near me soon, so im gonna give him a ring and go over and see him.

    My last 2 days have been sweet.
  2. Nice time then

    So LSD back round in England?
  3. Its the first time I've come across it for about a year, and the guy said he was very lucky to get any.
  4. Still at least he got some...

    You noticed how pills are all over the uk and not as big in america?
    It REALLY does suprise me about how much of a difference there is between the americans attitude towards pills and the uk.
  5. Blah... I don't like da pillz!

    Well... then again, i haven't tried a lot of them...

    That does sound like a phat night... no babes though. that would have finished the night off well...
  6. Da pillz??

    I'm talking about Ecstacy, pills are usually known as ecstacy in the uk.

    Gren; are you from the uk?
  7. yeah i was watching 24 with keither sutherland, and in it, there's a drug bust of something in the region of 400-500 E's.....and the guy had like $10,000 for it..........over here you'd pay £1-2 each...........also tamazepam, and diazepam etc are still sold a lot where i am...........i only smoke, but i can but allmost any drug i like in 5 minutes..........right up to crack/coke/heroin.............Peace out.........Sid
  8. They only time I've ever come across pills was a few weeks ago and it was speed, but yeh pills are more common than I first thought.

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