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last night was a lovely friday night

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lapse, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. We bought like 10 grams of hydro... We smoked with my glass piece till it clogged, than smoked a blunt bigger than a black and mild... We hazed out a bathroom with the blunt... And the more we breathed, the higher we got... The blunt was done, than we chilled in the bathroom, without smoking more, and getting even higher... Than we opened the door and watched the smoke pour out... you could walk into the bathroom, take a deep breathe, than go into the bathroom and exhale... that was the shit... than we went out and i dont know the rest of the story... anyways, i sold some of the dro for like 30 bucks, making back half my money, and came home with like an eighth
  2. Picked up a fat ounce of mids last night. I'm happy. And
    high as a kite right now.

    Edit: Grammar correction.
  3. I just smoked three bowls from my resonated spoon ghetto rigged to my plastic bong... biggest hits ever... my spoon clogged and is restin in alcohol
  4. i agree last night was pretty cool, i got high as a kite
  5. sounds like you guys had fun!;)

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