Last Night of summer :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Aaronl8n, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Well the last night we had to party before classes started this semester, was one of the worst of my life :(.

    Let me start out by saying I started smoking 2 years ago, and just turned 18 like 2 months ago. This whole situation happened less than a week ago.

    So its around 11:30pm we have plenty of beer, plenty of green, and an empty lake house. This situation seemed perfect, everybody was drinking except me (because I was high out of my mind :D). We decide that we want to try to catch some fish of the dock, so we all start fishing. Then one of our friends needed a ride home, at 12:00am. So the guy that was letting us all party at his crib offered to give him a ride home.... and yes he was drunk. So thats were the night turns completely shitty. I get a phone call while im sitting on the dock fishing and its my friend. He says, "Dude I just got in a car crash will u come pick me up?". I knew I was the only person at the house that had a car, and i hadnt been drinking so I was like sure ill be there in like 10 min (I couldnt leave my friends who just got in a car crash stranded). The problem was that I was in such a hurry to go help my friends I didnt think of the situation I could be put in. So I just get in my car with 2 of my close friends (who had been drinking). I have 3 baggys in my left pocket 2 of the bags are full of green (one full of nug, the other mids) and the other had melatonin in it, a sleep aid (its legal). In my right pocket I had my piece, my friend sitting in the passengers seat had a baggy of oxycottons and a little bit of green, the kid sitting in my back seat had green as well. So I arive at the crash, and I see that there is already a car there and that there are 3 people standing looking at it(He drove of an embankment, and totalled his car). I stop and get out a long with my friends and we walk over to the car. Turns out the people standing around the car are not our friends, our friends decided to run off. Which is understandable because they were drunk, but they didnt call me to let me know they ran off. So me and my 2 friends realize this is a bad situation and we run to my car and get in. As soon as I pull off an under cover impala state trooper pulls in. I get about 300 yards away (straight road) and notice a full beer can sitting in the passangers floor board. I flipped shit on the friend that brought it in my car and his words were "Relax we arent even getting in any trouble", regardless i told him i didnt want it in my car. So he throws the beer out and i make a right turn. I get about 100 yards down that road and then the state trooper gets behind me and pulls me over.

    So now im just pissed, and the cop walks up to my window. He asks for my Id and I open my wallet and he shines his flash light on my wallet in my main pocket (where i keep my id's) My FAKE id was hanging out and he could clearly see it. But it was a miracle because my friend who got in the accident called me so i handed the phone to the cop(i knew my friend would hang up), and immediately took every id out of my wallet and pretended to drop them all on the floor :). Then i hand him my real id and makes me go to his cop car and tell me everything that happend. I noticed that when he handed me back my phone he was looking at it really hard, so I got out looked at him and noticed he was staring at it.. looked down at my phone then i threw it in my car. He sits me down in this car and asks me what happend I just told him that I was out fishing and heard my friend had an accident. Then out of no where he asks "Do you have any marijuana on you?" and at the time I was looking at the floor board but could tell he was staring at me. But I had to decide weather or not I should admitt it. So I look up at the cop and said no. Then he says, "well I detect the pressence of marijuana I smell it on you, and I smelled it on your cell phone." I get nervous but i knew I had to stick with my story, so I continued to say no. Then he says, "Im going to have to ask you to step out so i can search you, now is your last chance to tell me weather or not you have any marijuana on you, or if you have a pipe" Well this was the first time he asked if i had a pipe so I said i had a pipe, and i handed it to him. But i still said nothing about the weed in my pocket. So then he pads me down and grabs my left pocket (weed pocket) and I had a top of a baggy hanging out of my pocket the whole time. He said "whats in your left pocket and i immediately push down the baggy that was hanging out of my pocket (because it was a weed baggy) and by a miracle of chance i pulled out the baggy of melatonin and told him what it was. Which was great because after we had the discussion about the melatonin he didnt check my left pocket again. He then told me to take a seat back in his car. He then went to my car and searched it and my 2 friends in it (they hid the weed in there ass, haha). When he walked up to my car and asked my friends to get out of the car he told them "I found a handfull of weed on your friend back there". While he was searching the car i managed to put the bags of green in my shoe, which turned out to be pointless. In the end I got possesion of marijuana for the pipe I gave him. It really was a shitty beginning to the school year. :(

    sorry about the spelling i know its kinda sloopy

  2. shitty deal man, sorry to hear about that. I hope you gave your friends a punch in the face for ditching you like that. you were just trying to help them out and they fucked you hardcore. not to mention your friend could have easily totaled his car into another car or just someone out walking on the road. sounds like you and your friend have a lot of growing up to do. take this one with pride and keep your head up, and never make that same mistake again.
  3. I went to court October 2nd

    My License is restricted for 6 months and I have to take a 10 week class that gives weekly drug tests. (I have to wait a month before I take the class)

    so i woulnt be smoking for a while... but i have some hawiian seeds i think im going to start growing since ill be spending so much time at home :)
  4. i can't smoke either right now man so i feel your pain
    just look at it as when you can smoke again you will have the tolerance of a 6 year old...
    in the meantime work on your beer belly! :)

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