last night of mouse to shelf

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  1. last night me and a few buds were chillin in my house smoking bowls and shit.

    We walked outside for a moment because the room was too hotboxed, and

    we hear shit breaking and havok is goin down.

    We dart back inside only to find a broken plate on the floor and no one else

    was in the room but us. We quickly came to the decision that it was ghosts

    forgot about it, but i saw a FAT ass mouse in the corner of my eye hiding

    behind shit. So I take out my bat and tell my friends to move the shit that

    its hiding behind (a bowl and cup) And I swing at that shit, only to miss and

    almost break the bowl. Now were just freaking out trying to keep it from

    escaping, and my friend got freaked out by it, he made a little shrieking

    noise before falling on his face, it was a comical scene watching the mouse

    escape past him to my door, looking back at us with this insane grin on its

    face, while my friend was on the floor holding his face in his hands in pain.

    moral: dont fuck with shelf mice.
  2. Should of pulled out an AXE bottle, your lighter and burn that motherfucker.
  3. Catch it and make it your pet. OG Mousey
  4. Blow smoke on it. Should be easier to catch then.
  5. its gone, it won the battle..
  6. don't forget about the war.
  7. Only solution now is to nuke your house, OP. Fuck shelf mice.
  8. I might set up a lazer secuirity system, those mice arent fuckin around.
  10. i read ops post really slow over and over trying to figure out why this was relevant to him having the house to himself lol and then i luld

  11. ^^ Hahaha me too!!
  12. what the fuck are you talking about, if you knew what a troll was you wouldnt be saying this.

    The story was true "bro" I just titled it kind of like another title.

    you fail.-rep
  13. lol brah chill out man chilllllllll
  14. don't call me a troll, sir failsbrad.

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