Last night of house to self.

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  1. So far its been a pretty rocking weekend. Saturday night my sister came home and we had a small party but my stomach was being gay for most of it. Last night I just chilled and smoked way more weed then I should have...

    I ended up leaving my dog outside and my van door wide open in my driveway lol. So this morning I woke up in my bed to hear this right out side my window... "Yah I think they have a son and a daughter who is in college..." I see my neighbor and three sheriffs standing in my front yard. Instantly im like :confused::eek::confused::eek:. I start thinking that they are here because of a weed tip alert or something so im thinking about hoping out my second story window and jumping my fence in my backyard, but then common sense kicked in and I just went with the flow. By the time I was downstairs they were already in my back yard and I opened the door to see why they are their. Aparently my neighbor was worried because my dog was barking and my van door was wide open. They ask me a couple of questions and then they leave. The whole time they are asking me questions they are standing right next to half of a blunt haha.

    So how should I tie this crazy weekend off? I have half a bottle of wine left from the party and a lil bit of weed.
  2. Lucky. You should get rid of that wine and get some more herb :bongin:
  3. my neighbor just got his house to himself for a month starting saturday. if i was you i would drink that wine with a girl, smoke a blunt, eat some food, watch a movie, and have sex. hahah but thats me man.

    listen to the jaylib song starz. and then live it
  4. I was thinking about it, I got a fall back girl, but im kind of in the mood for a new honey hahah
  5. Nice hahaha! Chug that wine, call a buddy and match yo :smoke:
  6. be a pirate... get some boooottyyy:D
  7. Man, I had a kickin' weekend too. We had a bonfire in the woods on friday, with a case of beer and a backpack of 32's, and we saw mountain lions wandering around us in the dark. And then my friend had a random beer pong sesh at his house that turned into a bunch of drunk people in the road and shit. :smoke:
  8. came back to school early during fall break, roommates gone, got some vics and dank, chillin hard
  9. Nice sounds killer!
  10. at least you didnt have a mouse to shelf..
  11. Jerk off standing on your kitchen counter.

  12. if thats the most exciting thing you can come up with then you need to get out more
  13. had my house to myself while the rents went away, it alsways nice smoking alittle extra then u normally do:D:smoke::D finish the wine and rip some tubeeee
  14. My thoughts exactly!
  15. If you think you have a sense of humor, then you are wrong.
  16. or make something great for when your parents get back and then they'll trust you more and leave the house more often

  17. i didnt find what i said funny nor expect it to be funny. in fact i was dead fucking serious. there are too many weirdo, stay at home all day, jack off 10x daily, never had a gf kids on this site...
  18. See? No sense of humor.
  19. He lacks the ability to recognize sarcasm

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