Last night my bearded dragon laid eggs :)

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, May 12, 2010.

  1. 21 to be exact

    got about 8-10 weeks til I see any babies, but im stoked!!!!

    Everyone have a nice day. Ill post some pics when I get home from work.
  2. Not to sound dumb, but do you have a male too? I don't know much about lizards but I know a lot about birds. Female birds can lay eggs without copulation but of course they're not fertile. Post some pics if you can.
  3. Pictars please :) can you post pics of your dragons to? I would like to see them.
  4. yeah, snt has a male as well, and has been hoping for eggs and teensy baby dragons for a min now.

  5. sweet! Procreation FTW

    looking forward to pics too
  6. :yay:

    Congratulations, you're gonna be a daddy!! :D
  7. Hahahaha i remember back when my bearded dragon was more like a bearded worm with arms and legs....and now hes a fucking MONSTER!!!! Cricket crunchin, pinky pulverizing MONSTER
  8. love to see your dragons piccz me very anxious to see really
  9. Bearded dragon egg omelet? :yummy::confused_2:

    I'm just kidding man, that's pretty rad. I've always wanted a bearded dragon
  10. fuck yea dude, u gonna sell em to a pet store? assuming u wouldnt keep 21. Ive always dug ur reptile photos and shit, props on the breeding.
  11. hey guys! thanks!!!! Skittlette was right (miss ya sexy ;) )







    and just for the hell of it, this is my green tree python, The grinch.

    Enjoy guys! :)
  12. Those are awesome shots! Nice touch on how it opens when you click to that post too, very nice. :hello::hello::hello:

    So you have us all hooked to see this play out now. Will you journal the progress of the eggs? :poke:Please...

    I had never seen a green python before, that one is beautiful and I really don't like snakes. :eek:

  13. First things first, thank you. I appriciate the compliments, and since you asked politely, of course I'll keep everyone updated on theeggs :) ,
    I have some greater earless lizards, one of which is gravid, a colard lizard thats gravid, and some random lizards I got in arizona, ive yet to identify that 3 of them are gravid.

    Anyways, what exactly do you mean by the bolde3d part of your post. im very tired from work, so it didnt make any sense to me.

    Thanks, im glad you like my Green Tree Python. Heres a few more pics


  14. damn dude. i want your pets.

    nawwhydontchajust mail me one'a dem eggs?
  15. From the User Control Panel clicking on your post or just using this link to that post, for me on my laptop screen anyway that first picture just kind of pops out at you when you are not expecting it. I must confess, I did jump a bit when it opened. :eek: Just really cool touch there for your visitors. :hello:
  16. ^ cuz they have to be constantly incubated, and if they got shook up, dropped, or turned over itd die :(
  17. Very nice pics man, very cool! The first one should be in a magazine :smoking:

  18. Oh, well im glad you enjoyed them :) subcribe to this thread, ill keep you updated, :D
  19. I subscribed. I dont think this was answered yet, how long until they hatch?
  20. sorry, if it was asked and I forgot to answer. The eggs are incubated at 82-84 degrees F., for 65-75 days. :)

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