Last night I had a dream..

Discussion in 'General' started by CuT iT OuT, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. That a plane crashed right in front of me into the water and blew up. It was so vivid and real like it was in HD or something. It made me wake up after I watched the crash, it was pretty nuts.

    Then today I found out that a plane crashed this morning and everyone on board died. It jut seems so coincidental and weird..

  2. Alright Martin, you're just being a silly goose! :smoke:
  3. Hmm, sort of like Martin, but my dreams kill people.
  4. that plane crashed 5 minutes from my house!! they closed down my blazing roads
  5. Did they close off your blazing desire to smoke the herb!? :cool:

  6. ...I doubt it :D

  7. haha. no not one bit. i still went down there to see if i can see anything. but the have it blocked off like a mile radius

  8. tanks for that man! you almost got me
  9. Last night i had a dream that I "shraned"

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