Last night I got really drunk/high with my wife and her gay best friend

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  1. My wife's best friend is a gay man (let's call him Ron), he's one of those really flamboyant girly sounding gays. I've become friends with him too though, he is one of the funniest people I have ever met. Alright so this is what happened last night:

    We were celebrating Ron's birthday at our house and drinking lots and lots of red wine. My wife decided she wanted to get in the hottub, and usually when we're alone we get in naked. So we turned it on and she like instantly strips all her clothes off so I shrugged and went along with it. Ron jumped out of his super tight clothes and climbed in across from my wife and I. I loaded the bong and we smoked several bowls and relaxed for quite a while, and then somehow we got on the conversation of sex and Ron was describing what he likes in a man.

    Ron started to describe his oral sex skills, which I thought was kind of awkward but my wife thought it was hilarious. Ron jokingly offered to try them out on me and I was like "uhh no thanks!" but my wife started squealing with laughter. Well... Let's just say after a while of her begging and giving me the puppy dog look, which was enhanced because she was naked, I gave in.

    I closed my eyes and tried not to think about it. It wasn't so bad. The good thing is my wife promised to blow me after I come home from work every day for the rest of our lives! I have no regrets.
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    sorry man... i had to do this.
  3. Huh...not sure what to think about this one...
  4. Your wife won't follow through, and you got your dick sucked by a man. :eek:
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    Ahem, i think a guy sucked your wang
  6. if this is true.

    he liked you for awhile, and your wife, got her best friend some booty!
  7. PAUSE! What!??!!? That ain't ordinary bruh!!!
  8. no, just... no
  9. Red, red wine, stay close to me.
    Don't let me be alone;
    It's tearing apart
    My blue, blue heart.
  10. So who takes the cake, "Ron" or the lady.
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  11. I feel bad for the guy named Ron reading this.
  12. Ron takes it.

    But for real, doubt this story
  13. is this some kind of cruel harry potter joke

  14. Well she still had to fuck me when we ended up going to bed that night. I wasn't going to let her off that easy. Ron probably jerked off before he fell asleep on the couch :p
  15. Post pics of your wife
  16. So is it true gay guys give the best head?
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  18. hey its me Ron, how did you like it? Im sure glad you posted it all over the internet for anybody to see...
    btw I just banged your wife.
    it was ok. but I liked it better after you fell asleep that night I gave you the bj.

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