last night i fake chowed my best friends sister

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  1. Yeah the title pretty much says it all, but ill go more into detail

    if you dont know what fake-chowing is then read this, if you do know what it means then skip to **

    When you go down on a girl, and you pretend to be eating her out, but really you are rubbing her vagina with your finger, and making noises like you are eating her out.

    ** alright so there was a party at my best friends house, lets call her Britt. Britt and i had a thing a couple years ago, and by thing i mean she gave me a suck job. at her party it was pretty fucking weak, i was bored and there were 10 dudes and 3 girls. one being her sister. shes about a 8/10.. 10 being mila kunis. i think shes 21? well anyways her sister had been giving me hints all night, touching me on the lower tummy, sitting on my lap, asking to be my ruit partner, etc. it was around midnight, pretty much everyone left. i wasnt black-out drunk but i was quite mangled, and i headed upstairs to the guest room because that shit was mine for the taking.

    well i was undressing (i sleep nakey) when her sister walked in.. now ive been on a dryspell for like a month her being sisters with my best friend doesnt mean anything to me. well one thing led to another and she was ontop of me, getting naked. she unhooked her bra, let the titties breath, and started to go down on me

    i was absolutely loving it, then she told me "my turn"

    hold up, i actually burned my tongue earlier taking a flaming shot, so i cant go down on u.... but whatever, so i fake chowed that shit. my finger got so tired after like 10 minutes but i could tell she was digging it. after that, she got on top, and i said no fuck that, and bent her over :smoke:

    i woke up at 7:30 to my phone alarm, everyone was still asleep. so i took out my quarter, rolled up a personal doobie, smoked it, made everyone that stayed breakfast (eggs, toast, oj). it was only like 4 people so i decided to twist up a blunt for us all while we enjoyed breakfast.. and we did enjoy breakfast. then i went home, and passed the fuck out lol...

    so yeah i fake chowed my best friends sister.
  2. I was enjoying the raging semi while it lasted.
  3. quality night for sure
  4. Fake chow? GTFO with that BS.
  5. Oh please dont hate on me because i burned my tongue on a flaming shot. at least i pleasured her.
  6. Maybe she gave you a fojob

  7. No you didn't. You fake chowed her. Man, these boys....
  8. Lol I can't get past fake chow!

  9. Not hating, that's what I would say to some blueball who tried to "fake chow" me.
  10. in my honest opinion, fake chowing might just be the #1 best idea in the whole world.
  11. I can get past fact chow :devious:

    sounds like a sweet night dude, glad it all worked out :smoke:
  12. im not a blueball :(
  13. i would but im not gonna spread this girls pics around the internet thats just creepy and weird lol
  14. I fucking love this thread, dude. Fake chowing is a good idea. ;D
  15. lmao this thread loves you man
  16. Last night I fucked my ex girlfriends best friend. /win

    No fucks given, I was really drunk. Ive been getting pretty lucky with women latly.
  17. Is "fake chow" really a thing or did OP make it up? It can't really be a thing.....
  18. Bahahahahahaha to the donkey photo

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