Last night at Uni =(

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  1. Well guys, this is my last night at Uni, finals are all done, but I won't be coming back next semester. Grades and legal issues with the school, and my rents. But tonight I hung out with a few of my FEW friends I've met here, met a cute girl named Molly, made my night awesome.

    Basically my grades are shit, and I can't apply myself. I've never ever given 100 percent, idk why its been like that though since I was a little kid. My rents never gave me a proper congrats cause they are firm believers in always trying your best, and never believed I did. But I still had decent grades, but after some legal problems this year my grades have tanked. I go to a good Uni, but I plan on working all summer, then going to Community College for a year or a semester, then transferring back to a better school once my grades get good again. I'm dreading Monday/Tuesday when they find out grades are shit, going to be terrible.

    Just got back from hanging out though, going to light up a few chillums, zone out for an hour or two. Then pack my shit because the rents are coming at 10.

    How has everyone else's night been?

    Sorry for the rambling, as I said I met that cute girl and she just inspired my thoughts so I felt like jotting them down.

    Smoke On Blades!:smoke:
  2. :wave:
    What is your major?
    Does Molly have a nice butt?
    Thanks for posting fuck I'm high!
  3. Molly sounds like a name of girl whose too "good girl" for anyone :p
  4. I bet Molly's a bad bitch

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