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Last night……

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fat Kush Bowls, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. So, last night was fun. My friend went on a T-Break for about 4 months and last night we but some bud. Smoked a good 7-10 bowls. He was so fried , when our friend started his car he was like " ohhhhhh shit.!! What the he'll is that??!! , why am I shaking! . Haha , twas a good night. :smoke:
  2. Last night ended up good for me too. I got pretty crossfaded and played a nice game of pong.
  3. And this is why you shouldn't drive high.
  4. ....and then he got in an accident
    JK, but srs, be safe.
  5. Last night was bad, I dont remember anything passed 6pm really.
  6. Actually i believe Granny posted a link that showed how people tend to drive more carefully when stoned..or drive slower something like that lol

  7. Now I want to watch South Park!
  8. Last night was shitty for me
    gash in my lip and 6 stitches later
    fuck alcohol man, thats what I learnt

  9. Tell me bout it bro
  10. hahahah last night, I was fucked up. woke up drunk, happy St.Paddy's Day!!!
  11. went to a party and my best friends punched me in the face. as soon as i saw blood i fucked him up. now im befriending other people. fuck alcohol. stick with bud. alcohol brings out the worst in people and even when sober ,the actions of what happened last night will keep me from staying friends with my one time best friend. fuck that. learned how much of a dick he was. hopes he sees what he has done and changed back to what he was a year ago, fucking alcoholic
  12. Passed out at a friends house taking bong rips and watching some good films.
  13. i didnt do anything last night, but i just recently smoked after a very long probation induced T-break, good times
  14. i think the really stoned person wasnt driving, but was in the car when another person turned it on, and got a fright from the vibrations. I doubt after a t break and smoking and getting completely baked hed just hop in the car like whatever, correctamundo?

  15. you sir , are correct.:smoke:
  16. Today (yesterday, whatever) I had ten of my friends over for an epic sesh. I got stupid retarded high. Everyone pretty much did. Vape, 3 or 4 blunts, and 3 or 4 Js.

    We got so high we actually laughed at a Rob Schnieder movie.
  17. ^i want this exacly

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