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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Stingray941, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. So my seeds came a lot later than I was hoping and I was wondering if there was still time to plant them. I'm in the north east so the season is comin to an end and the seeds I have are dynamite and cheese, both ordered from HGS. I was wondering if i could veg for a week or two and then force them into flowering. I know that I probaly won't get the greatest yields but I'm not to concerned about yield. Any suggestions on how to pull this off would be great. Or maybe I should just get some lights or wait till next year.
  2. If your talking northeast USA, I'd say it's too late. Plants should have been put out late May or beginning of June. By the time, you germinate, and veg only 2 weeks, 3 week stretch, your probably looking mid to late Nov before they are ready to harvest. And hopefully no frost or freezing temps. My outdoor plants have finished the stretch and have started going into flower. Imo I would nix the idea of on outdoor grow for this season. But if your looking to grow, do you have the room for and indoor grow? If so, that's the route I would take.
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  3. Ideally, you should start planting the herb in the month of May to early June and cultivate it till the onset of winters. If they get exposed to very low temperatures, they'll stagnate and may wane off. Opt for indoor grow if you have space and resources.
  4. Indoor grow is your only option.

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