Last minute homemade bong

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  1. haha well i broke my bong cleaning it, it was like a 10 inch bubbler acrylic and it got warped and shit cause i used to much cleaner, so i scavanged to make a homemade i could smoke some of my new bud with, so i came up with this haha :bongin:
    and sorry bout the whole dad post about the buds, i talked to him about it, as it was an ice breaker and he was really down with me burnin, but he says not to let the moms find out haha and i told him i snatched a little stash for me and he was like all you had to do was ask ;D hahaha which i knew he was gunna say since he started smoking with my bros lol, so i apologize for any ill feelings or things like that. i would never steal just to have my own stash, i rather used it as a tool to approach my dad with it. and it worked as i had susspected :D
  2. very nice for a quick home made, took me awhile to even think of what to make mine outa (wanted to avoid plastic downstems or socket bowls)

    is that bottem bottle one glass or plastic?
  3. ahh its plastic but its very well insulated and the tape doesnt even warp from heat, just a clean smooth smoke, and thanks man. simply orange orange juice container :D
  4. God damn! thats a nice looking fucking bathroom
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    did you say you made that bowl? and does that toilet filter work that well even though the smoke still came out?

    oh anddddd whats that song lol?
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    well i had that bowl from my old acrylic and i took the long like spike thing in a stack of cds and used that as a downstem and it fit perfect, just finished off bowl #5 in my bathroom haha.

    well secondly that toilet filter works pretty damn great, it smells like the snuggle bears farts when it comes out dude.

    to answer number three, that song is from a like 2 hour long dubstep mix which you can download for free. Rusko Essential Mix

    and im workin on the second vid of the milk without the top right now. :D
  7. thanks man listenin to it right now haha
    and yeahh im gonna try out the snuggle bear tomorrow night lol.

    but yea do you like hittin it with or without the top better? because im thinkin of makin my own(except using highlighter/socket as bowl) but not having anything for the top so i was just curious how you liked it ha
  8. ooh deffinately top off lol that needs work. but im makin a vid now without it on. :D
  9. ha alrighttt thats what i like to hearr
  10. haha yeah man i feel like a doucher, i got neg rep from an admin for a misscoception
    =( and yeah the vid is almost is done :D
  11. misconception of whatttt?!? haha ill +rep you so maybe you break even
    and yeah post it whenevaaa
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    hehe uploading right now, and its cause they thought i was like stealing my dads buds. but i wasnt
  13. haha oh jeezz yeah its whatever. cool that your dad sparks though, it'd be so tight to toke with my pops rofl. he's such a wise guy, i can only imagine how funny he'd be with some good herb
  14. haha exactly man, i cant just go talk to him and approach it cause i got busted burning in my house before and my mom flipped, so now its not that big of a deal anymore. so i was tryin to touch down on the subject about it back with him by showing that i was taking some like for it to be a conversation starter, it would jsut be too wierd to like ask him upfront.
  15. yeah i totally understandd!! shittt when i was in the 9th grade my aunt told on me for smoking and the thing was my dad justttt asked me like a week prior if i smoked and i said no(of course) ha. so whenever my aunt told on me my rents said they knew i would try it but the only reason i was gettin in trouble was cause i lyed.

    and i know my mom's never tried it but my dad used to when he was a kid, but i have never brought up the subject since that day so i have no idea how it would go lol. i doubtt my dad would be okay with it, but if anything it'd be like you, just dont let my mom find out haha

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