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  1. So a close friend of mine bring me some clones because he had to many. Rosemary kush. I've tasted it, it's great. But I'm on a budget and think "wtf am i gonna grow these in?" Answer: A veg room grow armoire! Had it left in my garage from a previous tenant.

    Made a fixture on a chain with 8 CFLs. 5 6500k and 3 2700k. I like to mix it up.
    On top i have two more CFLs for some grand daddy purp seedlings and a two foot T5 6500k for my clones seeing as they dont need much light initially.
    There are holes in the bottom drilled out for air circ. About 1 1/2 inch wide a piece with a fan i tore apart and mounted in the side of the armoir. The casing you see is drilled into the wood so i can keep it away from wires.

    Temps stay right around the high 70's low 80's with the door closed and air flow is good so I'm pretty pleased with something i whipped up spur of the moment.
    I know the rack looks bent, but it's a half inch to long so i bowed it downwards. I'll fix it later >.< Also have to make a reflector for the CFL fixture and put a few more in. Probably an intake fan as well.
    Hope yall enjoy, it was a pain in my ass getting this thing in the house!

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  2. Ok like i said i would, i improved this a bit. Added a shelf for the fan (temporary)
    Replaced the shoddy metal rack with some sturdy wooden shelving screwed in from both sides.
    And the important part, did a DIY ballast/light seperation and made a reflector out of an old T8 reflector i had. 400w MH is in there now. It's only a beg chamber with clone/seedling area on top, but the girls love it ^.^

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  3. saweet.... nice build...

    my only suggestion is to add a flap.. maybe cardboard to the inside front doors to block the light bouncing out...

    keep the pics coming
  4. Yeah that's my next thing, but instead of cardboard i'm either gonna cut from the extra piece of reflector i had or use left over poster board i had seeing as it's white.
    I'll have some pics of what recently came out of there and my new little mods in a few days.
  5. hay could we get a pic of the clones?
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    There ya go.

    One in cups are under the T5 with misted sandwich baggies over them, i corner cut for air circulation but warm enough to keep humid. I don't have clear cups at the moment.

    One semi close shot of a clone at a little over a foot tall.

    The other batch of clones, roughly two weeks old. Maybe two and a half. I'll let them veg outside seeing as it's pretty comfortable down here and i still need HPS light.

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    yeah those 6ft plants are seriously DEAD.
    i agree with everyone, id get them out of there.
    i would not risk all that with some dead plants.

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