Last few questions :) please help!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by StillBlazing123, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. I've made a few posts so I'm making one last one, so i hope you guys can give me some answerrrsss.

    1. Watering my plants, I don't have any distilled water at the moment, until I can get into town on the weekend (i will be planting seeds tomorrow) so do you think if I just use tap water (leave it sitting for 24 hours) it will be okay for the first 1 maybe 2 waters? and then on using distilled water is good?

    2. When should I start using my Veg nutes? I'm using Autoflowering Easyryder and Ionic Bloom GROW (auto flowers after 3 weeks) and 1/4 or 1/2 of the recommended?

    3. I have germinated my seeds using the glass method (putting seeds in glass full of water) after 2 days they have cracked and small tap roots have appeared so i have put them in the paper towel method for another 18-24 hours just to make the roots abit longer then after this can i put them into their final pots and start the growing?!

    4. I dont have a time yet so again until the weekend it will be okay to use 24/0 then switch to 20/4 on saturday/sunday when I have my timer?

    If you can answer these questions I will be so thankful and you will help me so much! thanks guys :)!

  2. You can go ahead and plant them in whatever pot you want. As for water unless you got really bad water I just use tap water that sat out for 24 hours. As for nutes they shouldnt need any for the first couple of weeks or so when they start getting their first to second set of 3 bladed leaves. For nutes alot start out giving them a weaker strength like at 25% strength.
  3. Ahhh cheers man! My water is drinkable and not that bad, just I live in the country quite a bit so it's not exactly the best but i'll just let it sit out for a bit :)! cheeeeers gain :D
  4. Our tap water isnt bad for drinking either. As long as its not being treated with a water softener. Some water softeners use salt to treat really hard water and that water isnt good for plants.
  5. Ahh i'm pretty sure it hasnt been treated but my water is hard water but it is safe to drink :/
  6. We also have hard water and will leave stains on your car and house windows over time. Just let it sit out for 24 hours to evaporate any chlorine that may be in it if its treated water.
  7. Cheers for confirming that buddy :) I'll give it a go :D

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