Last ever episode of 24

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  1. :eek::mad::wave:Predictions, reactions, etc.

    I think Jack will live since there's a movie coming out. I'm devestated that this is the last ever episode though?
  2. i wonder what's gonna happen Jack has put himself in a lot of trouble (it's playing now but i record it with my satellite.
  3. Now that's how you do a finale

    Everything got wrapped up

    I can't believe Logan went apeshit, killed Pillar, and then shot himself

    Now I just can't wait for the movies
  4. Yeah, I'm gonna have to look up some info about the movies in a second here since they didn't give any info after the finale. Just got done watching it though, and that was an incredible finale. It was really in Jack's character to bite Pillar's ear off. Incredible ending too, wouldn't expect anything less. Even though I've only watched since Season 6, I was devestated to see 24 end. Definitely my favorite drama on TV, tied for my favorite show on TV with It's Always Sunny. Wow, I'm still in disbelief it's over. But what a way to rap it up...

  5. Please tell me you've seen Season 5

    The best season there ever was
  6. I've seen bits and pieces of every episode, but I didn't heavily get into the show until Season 6. I'm going to order all the seasons when they release a box set, which should be soon.
  7. I'm very happy with the ending (at least with what they could have done being canceled with only like 8 episodes left). Now what the hell am I supposed to do without 24 and Lost???
  8. I watched the first season or so, and then I watched an episode from this season, and I thought it was complete garbage, but that's just me :)
  9. Pffft! You all with your docu-reality-drama shows.

    If you're feeling a little Lost without your 24, I say smoke a bowl and go watch Family Guy. Don't think...just laugh. See how easy and relaxing that is?
  10. i kinda disliked that jack was half dead during most of the las episode... rather would have had him be badass
  11. There's no way he could have topped his rampage through that tunnel towards Logan with the black mask and machine gun

    Frankly, I was shocked that he had enough energy to A) crawl out of the ambulance after it got ambushed, and B) attempt to fight off his would-be assassin while handcuffed

  12. Get netflix, they have all the seasons on streaming

  13. Of course i think this has become my favorite 24 scene with logan yelling: You know who this is? THIS IS JACK BAUER!!!!! lol

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