Last day on earth ?

Discussion in 'General' started by MaryJaneExpress, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Okay, im watching the film Deep Impact and wondering, if you had one more day on earth. What would you do ?
    Other than spending it with family etc.

    I would get as much weed as possible, smoke out listening to bob marley on a nice warm day. :)
    You ?

  2. Probably get fucked up with my family and friends...

    Last day on earth I doubt my moms gonna turn down a fat L ;)
  3. Id go hide in a cave whilst a huge asteroid caused a massive wave to....oh wait..... hahahahahaha no.... i would go up in the mountains with a ton of bud and all my amigo's here and watch the world crumble from a mountain top
  4. If it was just my last day, I'd make sure I wrote a will.

    If it was everyone elses as well as mine, just enjoy it. Smoke, drink, party, get laid.

    ... then knowing my luck, the world won't end and I'll have six STDs and have no bud left and a nasty hangover.

  5. as an avalanche ensues and puts you 40 feet underneath the snow in a valley that no longer exists.
  6. Reminded me of this
  7. probably just buy a fat sack and get lit all day smoking bong walking down the street like a G

  8. well, i really hope i cant get hit by an avalanche from a MOUNTAIN TOP lol they totally dont just go from the peak to the bottom man...... more like an earth quake breaking the mountain is on my list of issues. i live near mountains i thought that one thru already hahahaha
  9. Hahaha that comic is great.

  10. now imagine the bat is a huge bong, and im half as motivated as that bad ass little girl....thats what it'll look like
  11. Do as many hallucinogens as possible. Then have tons of sex with beautiful girls and then hang out with my friends during the come down.

    By the time I came down I doubt I would care that the world was ending...

  12. What if it was cold that day? :eek:.

    But yeah... spend the day with family and try to see all of my friends one last time. All while getting as fucked up as I could throughout the day. Would be a fun day though.. :smoking:
  13. Well i like the cold actually ^^ But i thought i might get well.... cold. So i said warm day ^^
  14. I'd spend the day fucking and partying.

    Could you imagine an end of the world party? All the booze you can drink, weed you can smoke, and people you could ever wanna meet! ANYTHING goes :)

    Where to throw it though...?
  15. I would go on a "coke-a-cola" (you know.....for the caffeine..;] ) binge and rent myself a limo and a bunch of escorts (prolly like 3 or 4). Then I would buy an Oz of some of that weed caviar


    Then I would go to an upscale buffet restaurant with all of my escorts cause we got the munchies, and I would proceed to get a blow job that included mashed potatoes and gravy under the table, while eating some ribs, and then I bust a nut all over some bitches food and she eats that shit.

    Then I would go out clubbing, get a little crunk, and then watch the asteroid, daring it to ruin my devilishly wonderful afternoon. And it does, and all that matters is.....

    I never paid those escorts.

  16. Dude if I could do anything on the last day on earth I would think of something better than smoke weed and listen to bob marley, I do that anyways.

  17. Well, you see, that thread refers to how you would live your last day, and it didnt have a defined solution to what would demolish humans. This thread refers to an asteroid ultimately making you come to your demise, which does change the scenario.

  18. ... same mumbo jumbo *last day on earth how would you spend it!?* same concept

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