Last Day On Earth

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by CaliforniaSmok3, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. What would you do if you knew the world was going to end in 24 hours???
  2. smoke dope amd rap
  3. Your mom
  4. id play grand theft auto: real life.
  5. Empty out the bank account for a plane ticket to Amsterdam, head to a nice cafe, buy 5 grams of something that smells great and smoke up. Then I would find some great food, and enjoy a nice meal, and finish up with some fresh made stroopwaffles and coffee and wait for the end.:smoke:
  6. Knowing me I'd probably sleep through the whole thing.
  7. Live my day normally like I always do.
  8. It may not be December 21, 2012, but i have a good feeling we'll be seeing this day very soon.
  9. See if any of my dealers aren't having last second life changes and hit them up for an 8th.

    Also, call up some chicks, need to get laid.

    Eh, probably one more family meal.
  10. "high"jack a spaceship and go up to space and bring some bud...hotbox in the ship while orbiting earth watching it fall...then eventually die
  11. Get laid, smoke a last joint, drink a last beer, and be with family/friends.

    Oh and smoke my whole pack of cigs, we'll all be dead anyways nothing like some chainsmokin before we all die :p

  12. Yeah join the club of people that have been saying that since the beggining of time :D
  13. almost every girl would be dtf, so get as much tail as possible. i'd be shootin air by the end of it
  14. Have a lot of sex for a few hours, and then spend time with my family.
  15. I'd go on a killing spree.
    Wish I was joking
  16. if everyone knew, it would be chaos.

    if only i knew, i would tell some homies, smoke a whole lot, take some zans so i'm not concerned about dying, have a few beers, fuck a few bitches cause they would be down for sure, bust in every single one, kill some people that i would love to snuff in the dome piece rn, and i would just chill and smoke more.

    last thing would be to stick up a bank, kill a cop, rambo my town, whatever. something bad ass to go out with.
  17. Lol ya... I don't think any dealer would care about money at that point :p
  18. [quote name='"CDub 2 Trill"']I'd go on a killing spree.
    Wish I was joking[/quote]

    lol i agree with him, drunk driving rampage down the the vegas strip!

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