Last day of adult ed...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Fuckin awesome day.

    Im done with adult ed till september.

    Fuckin had class from 8:45-1.

    First 2 hours, Kicked it in like 4 different classes. Had a stereo on with my CD in there bumpin that Blade icewood, Snoop, Three 6 and Obie Trice.

    Lunch time, Was a BBQ.

    We took off, Got a blunt and smoked a blunt. It was me, My boy alvin, My boy dennis, And my homegirl steph. We got blunted and the guys got a 40 each of that King Cobra. Got our buzz on.

    Got back to school around 11:00. The BBQ was still going. We went up there, Fucked around and had a good time.

    We had water balloons, Super Soakers, Even fucking two fire exstinguishers filled with water.

    Girls came wearin white tees and no bras. Fuckin hotties runnin around and can see complete tits fucking awesome lol.

    I was all over Steph lol.

    Did this till 12:30.

    Then went inside till 1:00. Mr. Welsh the one i got buck with last fridya, seen me in the hall jus me n him and aient said a word, Jus stuck his hand out for me to shake it. Like his apolgoy and i accepted.

    Then at 1:00 went and got blunted with the same people. Smoked 3 blunts and got high as fuck. Together killed jus a pint of whiskey to get that buzz going.

    Stole a yearbook cuz i wanted one lol.

    Then walked home, Got my mans hooked up and he smoked 2 blunts with me.

    Bout to get my pops hooked up more then likely. Smoke with him.

    Jus sittin back now, No more adult ed for a long time. Drinkin a brew, Bout to eat a slice of pizza and relax.

    Tonight im drinkin myself into a complete drunken stupor, So drunk ill pass the fuck out.

    I got a dirty 30 pack of natty ice, A fifth of whiskey, And a pint of whiskey. Fuckin gettin trashed.

    Good shit.
  2. Sounds pretty awsome lol u stole a year book.
  3. lol sounds fun, what did you get your ged?
  4. Naa, Im takin Highschool Completion classes to get my diploma.
  5. Handlin your business w/ class as usual.


    (gotta spread rep around...)

    Stay outta trouble over the summer. Congrats on the last day. I'm gonna go burn a dutch for ya.
  6. Todays jus gettin better.

    Makin mad bussiness.

    Ive been out the game for a minute, I jus hook people up, Or if i get a crazy good deal im in the game. But i dont jus go n re-up all the time like i used to jus to get rid of it.

    But fucking, My mans hit me up earlier, Said he had like 3-4 lbs and he needs to get rid of it.

    Jus hit him up and bought a half for $50. Half weighed out to 17 grams. I grabbed 2 grams out of it, So its a gram fat, And gave it away for the price i got it for because its family.

    Fucking a qtr of it was one big nug. The rest of it nice size nugs. Person i gave it too gave me a gram for gettin it for her. She said shed smoke me up too.

    So now i got three grams.

    Then i told him earlier my mans will prolly pick up a ounce from him. Then he didnt come through.

    I picked up the half and checked it out. Killer greens. Cant complain, No shake, No stems, No seeds, None of that shit you dont need lol.

    So i called my other mans up who gives away small bags, Like max qtrs n shit. Hell sell bigger but prices are way jacked up high and i dont go for that shit.

    So i told him i picked up a half, Its good greens, Weighed 3 grams over and everything.

    I told him $100 for a OZ, Means im making no profit, Told him i even couldnt come through with him, Thatd theyd have to meet up without me.

    He was straight with it, He met this dude once before. I was over my buddys house and needed 2 for 2 (2 ozs $200) and my mans came to my boys house.

    So my mans is going to my boys house and flippin him a OZ now.

    So i jus got rid of a OZ and a half for him like it was nothing.

    He said hed come back around and smoke a couple blunts with me for gettin rid of tree for him.

    Todays the shit.
  7. Aww shit.

    Ex-Girlfriend called, Said she'll be here in 10 minutes, This was like 5 minutes ago.

    Im drunk, I keep stumblin and knocking shit over.

    This aient good, Shes gon be pissed.

    Hope cops aient gon get called.

    Ill get charged for MIP and Trafficing for what i got in my pocket.
  8. if u are aware enough to post that u hope it doesnt happen you should be able to us some self control...what you sippin on tonight btw
  9. Drank a 40 of 211. Drank 7 natty ice 12'er cans. Drank the 40 earlier. Like round 5. Its now 8:55. Been drankin since.

    Im drunk off beer. Aient ate today. So empty stomache. Downin brews. Feelin it. I could be much more drunk though. But im deff drunk.

    But coming up is five star vodka and more natty ices.

    Jus smoked 2 blunt with that family member i hooked up earlier.

    And ex came over. Shit was straight. She wearin a skirt lookin damn find. Sittin on the trunk of her car. Me standing in front of her. Had my hands all over n she enjoyin it. I was feelin good.

    My boy calls and says keep ya hands out her pants *****, Hahah he watching out the window.
  10. keepin ur options open with the ex eh
  11. Always. Aight well almost always.

    I got many oppurtunitys.

    Anyways, Drankin out the fifth of Five Star Whiskey now.

    Gettin crunk.

    Same ol shit, Leavinin in about 2 1/2-3 1/2 hours from now. Headin to my cuz's to get extremley fucked up.

    Tonights the night.

    Im done with adult ed mother fuckers.

    Whos gon celebrate with me?
  12. Awww shiet...

    I thtink ima thtrow up...

    EDIT: Im straight.

    Got the THC Chronic Blunt running through my bloodstream.

    I killed half a fifth. I drank like half of that in 2-3 minutes and after that felt liek throiwn up. I finished it off with like 4 shots in one gulp and almost couldnt take it. Real shitty whiskey but still i almost threw it up. Thas fucking weak on me.

    My tolerance is fucking sky high. I can drink so much and not be past the point of no return. Well nvm. Im past the point of no return. But i mean, My tollerance is so high, Ive reached a new level. And i jus cant get past the passing point so i never get too fucked up where im throwing up. I can handle my drank.

    Blah blash blagh. Im drunk.
  13. damn natty ice never agreed with me.. if im goin cheap, im gettin milwaukees but recently ive been all over killians and flying fish
  14. prob should eat something mang
  15. Hey man, sounds like an eventful day. But what exactly is Adult Ed?
  16. Itsa a place for adults to get thier education.

    You can do highschool completion classes and get your diploma if you never got it in a regular highschool, You can take GED Prep Course or jus take the GED Test Class. Theres a daycare for pregnant girls or girls with kids who want either or. Even classes like English As A Second Language and such.

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