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Last bit of my sour dee oz

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by That One Stoner, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Very said. I was hoping an o would last me till my paycheck but we all know how things happen 12 days after buying an oz and this is what i got[​IMG]
    Pics dont do justice but its fire af. How long does a zip last you?
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  2. nice also a zip would last me a month
  3. Hahaha bro 12 days? I could make that last me two months easy if I tried, don't get me wrong I love smoking more than the next guy but.... I just feel like mmj loses its touch if you smoke in excess like that all the time, just some options. Cheers

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  4. I had a pack of backwoods. I probably rolled 4-5 3 gram blunts. The rest were single bowls
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  5. That's why hahah 3 gram backwoods? I know them leaves could hold a lot but shit man lol, go big or go home I guess right ?

    As long as you enjoyed them 12 days that's all that matters, wish I could wake up to a 3 gram blunt everyday lmao.

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  6. If you get a woods that look nice 5 grams isnt too hard to roll. But 1 or 2 blunts will be that good out of a pack of 5

    Believe it or not my smoking has cut down dramatically since my brother moved out. Wed smoke countless blunts cause 2 pay checks yo
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  7. A zip would last me almost a year. I keep a super low tolerance and consume only late at night before bed, one hit of some dank and I'm good and medicated.
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