last acid trip ever

Discussion in 'General' started by gone fishin, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. so friday (i think) during the day, i call my friend up, go to his shop...ask my neighbor (old school ex-hippie dude) if he wants little brother has been good so when he asked im not gonna be a i was gonna let him trip too

    arrive at my dudes shop, he says hes got gels and hes got cubes...never liked cubes, to easy to fuck someone over

    i leave with 12 gelcaps in my pocket, neighbor with 5

    ive done ALOT of acid in my day, i mean ALOT...shit ive dropped over 20 hits in one sitting, ive been told ive done close to 30 hits of decent cid...lets just say, although acid doesnt make you insane after such and such hits, you still get some fucked up feelings when your back cracks

    so i toss my little bro six, tell him to cool it on eating all of em

    he munches 3...neighbor eats his 5...little bro munches his other 3

    i see nothing good coming from this, so i decide while im IMing spaz from here...ill drop one (i had dropped a sample one he gave me earlier...decent time)...then after that one im still kinda IMing him, im okay....drop the other 5

    shit was chill, picked up the bass, jammed to fat reggae basslines, but my cat knocked some shit over, it broke, and i ran out of the house...bass still plugged, hanging around my neck...okay, so now im outside chill, look at the stars for what feels like a lifetime

    i really dont know what happened next, it was one of the most intense feelings in the world...

    everything was a blur, moving faster than me, i couldnt tell shit apart...

    i live on a lakehouse and theres an island....wake up the next day, on the island

    i cant swim...

    shit was crazy

    im still not too sure what day it is exactly...but whatever im good:cool:

    this is my last time with cid, ive done more than my fair share...i gave it one last farewell, and now its out the door :hello:
  2. That's cool that you had fun for your last time. I have a friend who's coming to the end of his rave/E career and he's gonna go out rollin balls too. I've never done acid before so I guess it's like the same with E, where it's so good that you can just give it up eventually like that.
  3. yeah, ive basically ended my drug career (if you wanna call it a career), everything but weed

    good thing, cause i used to be dusted alot, stuck in a k-hole, done alottttt of shit

    however, acid was a favorite of mine...i was always trying to get my body to disconnect from everyone else, so i could become my own entity...if that makes i was my own world, and that i had life in trips are always wayyyy the fuck out there

    however waking up on the island was fucking with me...i cant swim, there was no boat there...:rolleyes:

    not like it hasnt happened after a night of heavy drinking...

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