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Last 3 sacks start tasting very weird about half way through

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cube89, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Hey guys this has been bugging me for a while now and I really just don't know what to think. The last 3 or so sacks I bought from my dealer, all ounce sacks, which I generally smoke pretty quick, within a week, have started off tasting great and start tasting very funky about half way through the sack. I don't know how to explain it, but it makes my bong reek of the smell of that taste as well, its like, I don't know... a hint of chemical taste, maybe, I can't even be sure about that. Maybe like burnt wood on top of that, even though I'm not smoking stems. Maybe a little musty and sour. Just weird, a hint of bacon maybe? lol. Anyway this has really been bothering me and I wanted to know what you guys thought. I have been smoking a few years and haven't come across this until recently. Anyone ever have this happen to them?

    Also upon very close inspection the bud looks fine.

    I think one of the biggest things is just that it's lost it's lovely marijuana taste.

    Maybe I just lost my taste? My sinuses have been acting up. Then again this isn't the first time this has happened.

    I still have like half an O left though, wondering if I should smoke it or what.
  2. Probably pumped the plants full of chemicals to grow them faster.
  3. Thats a possibility, but wouldn't the OP smell or taste this with every single bowl, not just the last half of a sack?

    I would first suspect mold, but if everything looks OK and you're storing it properly (also assuming it's been properly cured), then to be honest, you may want to consider your sinus issue. Since you consume an O fairly quickly, it could be related to the fact that after a few days of smoking, your sinuses have been affected, which will change your sense of smell and taste.

    Does anything else taste or smell funny (food, drink, etc.) to you when you find your weed "changes" on you?

    Maybe try another dealer or different strain, buy a smaller sack next time, or simply cut back and slow down on the next sack to see how your body (sinuses) react.
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    Just to clarify, you can generally see mold on weed can't you?

    And would you guys smoke this?

    I think it may be my sinuses, just took a drink of DP and it didn't have much taste.

    I am actually taking medicine for acute sinusitis and probably shouldn't be smoking at all but... you know how it is lol
  5. When there's mold on ANY marijuana bud, it's best not to do anything with it as you can get spores in your lungs.

    Mold looks like little black spots.

    Again, do not smoke molded weed, you will probably end up having to go to the hospital.

    On topic, the dealer could have sprayed it with some chemical, I've heard of stories where dealers are putting JWH-018 on bud so that they can have "The best".
  6. Do you guys think I should stop smoking it? Sorry I'm very anxious lol
  7. I definitely don't plan on smoking any moldy weed, lol. I don't know if it is though, it doesn't look moldy.
  8. yes stpo smoking it. I wouldnt be smoking that
  9. Dirty bong or bad storage. Or sinuses. Only possibilities I see.
  10. Change the container you keep it in and also where you normally store it for your next sack. Happened to me once, im guessing its similar for you. Possibly a dirty piece also.
  11. what is 'dirty weed' what is on it? i just looked up JWH-018 but not convinced this is it. does anybody else have this problem? ps im sure the additive is added after growth and no its not mould. i cant get anything anywhere which is safe to smoke except my gear and Holland. driving me F^%*£"" mad!!!

    any hints guys? ;-)
  12. the mold will be white not black spots
  13. you can make hash with alcohol and get around 3.5g for a half o if its danks. i just got .6 out of 2 g and stems but did multiple washes. this way you can possibly kill mold/remove chemicals.
  14. Thanks guys, I suppose it could be because my piece is dirt, the weed smells fine for sure. But my bong is so dark you can't even see the tree perc anymore, lol.
  15. Yuck. Clean that ASAP. There's a guide in the toking tools section. Smoking out of a dirty bong is like eating off a dirty plate IMO. You wouldn't eat something, leave the plate out, and eat leftovers of the same food on the same plate the next day without atleast a rinse right?

    Watch when you do it the bud will taste AMAZING.

  16. agreed i try to clean my pipe almost every day which is i habbit i recently developed after my pipe got so full of resin i could barley take a hit, now it hits so smooth.
  17. Yea I clean it every now and then it had just been a while because I work so much. I just cleaned it again, about to hit it and see what happens!
  18. It still seems to have a really weak taste, but for the most part the off taste is gone... Maybe a hint of after chemical taste. God I hope I'm not killing myself... lol
  19. Alright. As a conclusion it still doesn't taste quite right, but it's getting me high and not bothering me other than the taste. What do you guys think?

    Smoke it?

    Throw it out?
  20. If the taste really bothers you then chew some gum while you're toking or be sucking on some hard candy.

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