Last 2 weeks how do y'all finish!!!!

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  1. Well I'm finally to my first hydroponiclly grown harvest and I wanna know what do you guys do I. The last couple weeks to help them bulk up and fully mature nicely and how long do you flush and exactly how do you flush and what effects do you see in HYDRO?
  2. Last week before flush you need to add a opening formula like Kool Bloom dry or advanced nutrients overdrive. The flush for like 2-3 days. I've heard both sides of the field and I understand what they're saying but you really don't need a flushing solution in my opinion. what the plant uses the nutrients it's bonded with them to think you could flush those nutrients away from it it's just absurd in my mind. But I'm a different kind of person what can I say.

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  3. I agree.... But I feel like allowing the plant to feed on what it has left in the leaves stored is ideal for ripening if I'm making sense
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  4. I can dig homie.

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  5. I just remember finishing a few strains in soil and coco and it seemed like they wouldn't really ripen until them leaves started to fade now was that just genetics or nutrient depletion????
  6. Soil is a different beast I've always thought most say you only need like 3-4 days flush in hydro. Most of my grows never really use up the leaves if you will. Let Me throw this at you if you're using up what's in your leaves then the plants are still eating all the way up into the point and when you're done and you don't smoke the leaves so it's not like that really matters. Again

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  7. Right right right I can dig... And my response would be in only attempting to recreate nature processes.. so I wonder is the lack of nutrients in those 3 days forcing the plant to consume ( some ) of the nutrients in the leaves.. and also why do they fade at end is it the roots quit up taking nutrients or something else has to be lol hmmm so much to this hobbie always something to learn!!
  8. On that note I'm way to impatient I need to work on that in all aspects...... I have never let a plant go to the point that it actually dies
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  9. I've never done a pre-harvest flush in hydro.
    But the plants don't want much food at the end, and will burn if fertilizer isn't reduced.
    I end up at about 250 ppm (ec=0.5).
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  10. What if you're tap water is 240- so the resulting ppm would be whatever plus that 240
  11. Tap water can be a problem.
    Its ppm are often mostly Calcium, but we can't really be sure without a water report.
    Most people ignore tap water ppm, but factoring in half of it is probably best.
    I switched to RO water to avoid this issue.
    A 50 gallon per day system is adequate, and costs about $60.
    ROBuddy and PureWaterClub have cheap systems.
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  12. Ok so how long should I run with the room super low like that.... Until I see fading of the leaves?
  13. Hydro growers can get close to the right feed level by doing this:
    If ppm falls from day to day, plants are eating more than drinking, so increase ppm.
    If ppm rises from day to day, plants are drinking more than eating, lower ppm.
    This is what I do, so there's no guess work.
    Near the end, the plants will tell you they want less.
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  14. I'm on my last 2 weeks before harvest as well, you should flush and since you're doing hydro. you only need 4 days to it do it and should lower your feed down to about 500ppm right before flush then let them feed off what they have stored in the leaves. Drop the temperature too if encourage color. Don't let to get to yellow as it will start to feed on sugar leaf and make your end flower have a burnt look to it.
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  15. I remember reading this during my research actually... Thank you for reminding me!!!
  16. I don't do any of that...just keep the water level up in the tank with the correct amount of ph limiter and nukes...

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