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Last 2 Pickups + quality glass [ PICS ]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Banana Blunt, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Ok well im not very skilled at these close up shots ive found out.

    This is some blueberry picked up from nelsons ledges. Id give the bud a 5/10. It smelled very fruity but did not have big trich clusters and didnt have the best taste. Id give the smell 6/10.


    This is some dumpster. Has a faint smell of skunky/musty. Tastes a lil skunky. Id give this bud a 7/10.

    my macro attempt

    Bear Claw Double Bubbler


    New to me made before i started even tokin JBD


  2. nice buds that bear claw bubbler looks sick so does the bong nice pickup
  3. Nice buds, and that bubbler looks insane! :cool:
  4. why thank you.

    this is my white label

  5. Those nugs looking super dank.
  6. Haha dude that cat has a RooR neck!
  7. very nice buds. thats one sick bubbler btw : )
  8. +rep for the bear claw that is rediculous
  9. Nice buds, dude! You make me horny for another bowl, which I think I will go do now. Lol

    + rep, Keep on tokin'

    P.S. What would be a good word to use as an adjective for, "hornyness for weed".
  10. Hahahahha horny for weed. thats great, same. then again...this is true porn to me!
  11. the dub bub weighs like 2 lbs. It is so thickkk

  12. Damn, thats a lot. Prolly smokes good

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