Lasers? Glowsticks?

Discussion in 'General' started by Snap, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Okay I'm here to brag a little, sorry. It's just too awesome not to share.

    So me and some buddies are planning a pretty sick party. This isn't your ordinary party though, this is a 'motha fuckin trippin' party!! People are encouraged to show up a little... lets just say, weird. We already have two sick, professional lasers. One red and the other green along with like 700 glow sticks of varying kinds, necklaces, bracelets, sticks... Some black lights and of course a strobe. Not to mention a sick ass speaker set up going through out the whole house, including outside if need be haha (prolly won't so we don't get the cops called).

    Anyways this is the best feature. My friend just got this in the mail... [ame=""]YouTube - 1W RGB Laser show @ caoutchouc foil[/ame]

    I am soooooo stoked to party in this thing!
  2. thats a sick fuckin light system
    does it sync itself to the music?

    i like that party idea, i might steal it
    i dont know many ppl that have trippin parties
  3. Yea, all three of the lasers sync to music. And they do it very very well. Like if it's a little build up it will scan the room, then bam when it drops the laser goes crazy! Very sick.

    As for the party, this will be our first one. A lot of the frats out here throw em though, maybe not intended but that's how they turn out lol. Oh and it's super expensive for the lasers. I think my one friend spent like over 1k for two lasers and I think the one I showed was like $800. I bought the glow sticks which turned out to be like $60 bucks haha.
  4. My buddy has that same laser system, got it about 2 weeks ago. When I thizzed over the weekend I just stood there and stared at the thing for like an hour! Fucking awesome!
  5. id love that laser light

    but a grand

    what the :devious:?

    thats just crazy
    it cant be that complex of a system

    yea its awesome that it syncs to any song i put it on
    but worth 1K?
    id buy it if it was a few hundred, like 2-3
    but a fuckin THOUSAND DOLLARS
    thats just nuts

    have fun tho, glad your friends have that kinda cash to throw around
  6. Oh I agree with you man, I'd NEVER drop that kind of money on something like that even if I was loaded. Last time I threw a party I just rented one, and it only cost me about $150 bucks to keep it (and play with it!) for a whole weekend.

    He was an idiot and used student loan money to buy it, so I'm not sure what he's gonna do about coming up with the cash to pay the school, but not my problem eh?
  7. Stock up on them little pills:D and have a fun rave bro! haha
  8. Yessss. I plan on doing that exact same thing.

    Yea it's retarded crazy. I think it costs so much because how it works is a bunch of tiny mirrors reflecting light to make shapes and all that. So if one breaks you gotta replace the whole thing, and they do it for free. So I think that's part of the reason. But still way too expensive.

    And yea, I'm glad I got friends with spare cash too haha.
  9. just noticed you live in fort collins
    my sister used to live there

    if she still did(shes in the air force now) i mightve been able to show up to that killer party

    id bring my own party favors:D(check my gallery, lol)
  10. me and my friends had a techno party a couple years ago. wasnt a lot of pple doin many drugs besides weed and booze but it was still a blast.

    We got 3 strobe lights, an automatic light show generator from my friends' band, and a ton of blacklights. we also had a lot of glowsticks and passed out highlighters for people to write on themselves/their friends since the whole place was lit by blacklights.

    We also made about 500 jello shots, used ten half gallons of vodka. they were pretty potent which is why I fell over in their kitchen at one point and my friend fell into the stereo we had bumpin.

    It was a bitch to clean up the next day since their were prolly a couple hundred people in and outside a pretty small place, but it was totally worth it.
  11. [ame=]YouTube - Very Nice, How Much? - Borat[/ame]
  12. Oh my god bro thats fucking sick.

    what was the song playing in the backround?
  13. You are invited whenever haha.

    Fuck yes, nice story! I hope they'll be less drinking at ours. We have a lot of drugs, enough for a lot of people lol and we all know drunks fuck everything up lol.
  14. whatttttt! those lasers are sick, the only laser i have is this hand held green one that you can see the beam, its pretty fun to play with when your baked. but those laserss are on another level!:eek:
  15. that is fucking legiiiiit.
  16. haha those lasers are still pretty cool. Is it one of the ones that makes like a big checker board?

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