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Discussion in 'General' started by TonyCartman, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Hello GC,

    I have two questions relating to weed and eye sight..

    Few days ago I rolled a massive hash+weed joint and after smoking it, I've noticed that I was really sensitive to lights.. Never happened to me before btw, but it was freaky. I was making a salad, chopping tomatoes or something and the knife (the blade) was so fucking shiny that I had to put it down as it was too much.. Had to go to the bedroom and lie down with closed eyes..
    Wtf? Anybody experienced anything like this?

    When this ^^ happened I looked in the mirror and the eyes were red as fuck and also the Pupils were wide as fuck.. This is when I started to really freak out.. I was really really high at that point btw..

    I had eye surgery nearly 4 years ago, it was either LASIK or LASEK can't remember (vision was ok when looking at close objects, but couldn't see shit if the object was far away (by far away i mean 5meters) )

    So my question is: Is it safe to smoke for me? I mean eyes are getting red after few joints... I do use eyedrops so they don't stay red, but still...
    I smoke daily btw..

    Thanks :smoke:
  2. Funny..

    But seriously tho, does anybody know anything related to the topic laser eye surgery+ weed? :)
  3. Bump. Anyone?:)
  4. Your pupils must have been SUPER wide to take in light like that
  5. Actually not really :) I mean they were wide but not super wide :) freaky :smoke:
  6. N!gga yo eyes is all fucked up
  7. It shouldn't cause any problems with your sight, I'd actually call the eye doctor and ask. It's better to be safe than sorry. I know marijuana lowers the pressure in your eyes which is why it's used for glaucoma so it wouldn't make sense to me at least that it's causing you to be sensitive to light. It could have caused your pupils to dilate, which caused the sensitivity to light. If you have any pain in your eyes then you need to call a doctor.
  8. My eyes definitely dilate when I get super blazed really fast. Tends to happen more noticeably when I vape, I'll even wear sunglasses on occasion to deal.

    I wouldn't be too worried or do anything but a call to the doc can't hurt.
  9. Thanks guys
  10. Call a doctor man. They never care about Cannabis and they'll be able to give much better advice than a bunch of stoners. Also if it's your eyesight which is at stake definitely better safe than sorry.
  11. Message Storm Crow/Granny she'll be able to help you
  12. Why don't you ask the doctor that did the surgery? Your asking a bunch of stoners on the internet questions about your eye surgery
  13. Well my dad got laser eye surgery and after that I notices he was smoking weed so...
  14. Call an optometrist (eye doctor) I highly doubt they'll give you shit for smoking weed they're just an eye doctor
  15. Hey dude I also have eye problems, am LOOKING to have surgery, but have not had it yet, I also have short sightedness. Atm I wear contacts, which make red eyes even worse as am sure you know, dry eyes are a bitch aha.

    Anyways, I also have an eye problem, I have an invisible 'opaque' patches of cells that randomly crop up on parts of my eyes at any given time, my doctor has no idea why at all but hes figured its doing me no harm. However when these 'patches' do crop up, there super sensitive to light, and it may not hurt to look at light, but if I stare at a light for to long, the patches go red and veiny-ish.

    Not much you can do but to just close your eyes and rest them, Ive found that very, VERY lightly masaging your eye lids when there closed helps, and also feels better, Good luck! :)
  16. Laser surgery there is a certain risk.
  17. Since when does weed cause pupil dilation? I've never noticed this eye effect, although the brightness of light is an obvious side effect of dialted pupils.

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