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  1. Hello all!
    I recently moved to Las Vegas from the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area, where i was an active member of DFW NORML for a little over a year. The first thing i did when i got out here was look up the local NORML chapter on and was able to find some contact information, however when i tried calling, i received a voicemail, left a message and have not heard back since. I also sent an email, and have not heard back since. 
    After not receiving any response, I spoke to some of my friends out in DFW who informed me that they had heard that a few years back Las Vegas NORML dissolved after some in-fighting and legal issues. when i did some research i found a few articles that conveyed a similar message. Apparently since then, no one has taken the incentive to try again.... Until now!

    I am very passionate about this specific brand of activism, i have been off of my bi-polar medication for over 5 years now thanks to cannabis, and I have every intention of remaining an active, participating member in NORML, so i want to start a NORML chapter here in Las Vegas. I will be working closely with my good friend Shaun McAlister, Executive Director of DFW NORML to get the ball rolling, and getting information on what to expect, and what is expected. 

    Being the "new-kid-in-town" as it were, I don't know a lot of people out here, and one of the requirements to form a NORML chapter is that you need a minimum of 5 current members of NORML. I just extended my membership with DFW NORML, so that is 1, but i need 4 more people who are interested in helping to reform marijuana laws in the Silver State. If you are currently a member of a chapter of NORML, you are set. if not, you can join national NORML here:
    Even if you are not interested in being a co-founder or board member, we will need all the support we can get! Please, let me know by either responding to this post, or messaging me directly, if you are interested in becoming involved.

    Herb's the word!

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