Las Vegas MMJ growers. Outdoor desert grow. Any tips?

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  1. I am a state licensed medical marijuana patient in the state of Nevada. I am about to attempt my first grow. State law allows up to 7 plants... I'm LUCKY if I ever get that far :p
    As you know The Vegas Valley is desert. I prefer todo an outdoor grow as I do not want a bunch of heat lamps in my home making my power bill sky rocket. Not to mention it's been reported several times that the Las Vegas P0lice Dept. has hired helicopters with heat seeking cameras to scope out home grows... which scares the sh!t out of me even though what I'm doing is completely legal.
    Any tips for a newbie growing in their back yard with desert weather? It is now February and the temperature ranges from 45-65 degrees fahrenheit throughout the entire day
    Can anyone guide me to a youtube video or something of that nature SPECIFICALLY talking about growing in this type of weather?
    Any other MMJ patients in the Vegas/Henderson area wanna link up?

  2. I think the first step is to get some decent soil such as fox farms oceans than to get a teanlucent tarp and make it so that it can go over head during the day....I mean I really dont know mayne a greenhouse! :D

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  3. First step is to learn to grow by reading. Purchase some grow books, I use ed Rothensal and Jorge Cervantes books. I keep mine for reference and to touch up my memory. That along with following and posting treads on GC. Once you have read and re read the books then I would start by replacing the sand with a homemade organic soil. Learn to grow organic, it leads to a better product and yields are just as big if not bigger than chemical grown plants. Your major issues will be soil and heat. You may need to use a shade cloth to block some light and watch your waterings. Another thing I recommend is to grow strains used to the extreme heat. I would look at plants that come from the Middle East. Some kush based plants might be good.
  4. @[member="Kronicly Insane"] @[member=""] Very helpful thanx. Fox Farms Ocean seems to be one of the best soils because I saw a video on youtube [ ] and he was using that same blend. He had a 1,000 watt lamp which got up to 75 degrees, which is even hotter than it is now in Vegas. We have very short days so it's not CURRENTLY as hot as you'd imagine. 
    I'm surprised you guys are saying LESS light... I was always told it needed light more than anything to grow faster.
    How many seeds should I put in a 5 gallon bucket? Because I have about 25 seeds ordered
  5. Only place one seed per pot. You want the seeds to have as much room to spread its roots and canopy m. Placing another plant in the pot cause them to compete for the soil, nutrients and so on. Don't wast your seeds like that. I recommend you only grow what's allowed by the law. Going more than allowed us asking for trouble. Take the extra seeds for indoors or next year.

    The reason for the shade cloth is yo protect the plant from the intense sun. These will allow sun us when it's installed. If you are planting a strain used to the desert heat you should be fine without it. Are you looking to grow small plants or large ones. I suggest bigger pots. 5 gallons pots are too small and will dry out within the day it in hours. The bigger the pot the greater chances it has enough water. Too small and it dries out and dies. Larger pots also grow larger plants . Bigger plants lead to greater yields. So it all turns out better. I would use 20 gallons at a minimum. If you can run 50 gallon bags you will be amazed on how great the plant will grow.
  6. What strains did you order and from where? You are limited on what you can grow outdoors. The strains grown should be tolerant if the conditions for best results.
  7. yoooooo hmu !!!!!!! lets talk !

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