Las Vegas MJ-friendly Hotel Opens Soon

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  1. Looks like spending a few nights in Las Vegas might be even more fun than before!

    Las Vegas marijuana consumption hotel to open spring 2023. (news – 2023)
    Las Vegas marijuana consumption hotel to open spring 2023

    A cannabis-friendly hotel in Las Vegas will open this spring after the tourist city approved marijuana consumption lounges last year.

    Phoenix-based Elevations Hotels and Resorts, formerly known as Pro Hospitality Group, bought the former Artisan hotel in 2022 for a reported $11.9 million.

    Now called The Lexi and undergoing renovations, the 64-room hotel will feature “an entire fourth floor that will be designated cannabis-friendly,” according to a news release.

    Elevations has invested more than $15 million in the hotel, President and CEO Alex Rizk told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

    The Lexi will also participate in Elevations’ membership rewards program targeted at “individuals with a wanderlust mindset, cannabis enthusiasm, and taste for new experiences.”

    Elevations also owns the cannabis-friendly Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix, alongside several other Arizona hotels. (snipped)

    And Elevations is planning to expand into California next. And after that? :confused_2:

    I wonder if Room 420 will be the smoking lounge? :passtheshit: :bongin: :smoking:

    Granny :wave:
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